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    If I may...you didn't mention an operating system preference but if you work in Windows, may I recommend WINGRIDDS. It is GRIB & Observation data analysis & diagnostic software...and it's free! Got to: http://winweather.org Jeff Krob WINGRIDDS System Developer
  2. JKrob

    "Dynamic Cooling"

    If I may add to this, there is also another situation which refers to 'dynamic cooling' and it happens mainly in the winter. You may have a situation where you have an elevated moist layer from which snow is falling and it is moving over a shallow surface layer which is above freezing but is very dry. The snow falling through the dry air will evaporate (virga) and this will do two things; it will add moisture to the dry layer which will eventually lower tward to surface and, it will also begin to cool the air due to evaporative cooling. (the opposite of latent heating). If the lower layer temps are close to freezing and the precip is heavy/persistent enough, the dynamic cooling may be enough to drop the temps below freezing so once the snow reaches the surface, it will accumulate. Jeff
  3. JKrob


    FWIW - a good Linux GEMPAK RPM package can be found @: http://www.noaaport.net/software/packages/optional-packages/centos-5.5-x86_64/gempak-6.2.0.r2-1.x86_64.rpm The only thing missing are some Motif runtime libraries. Jeff
  4. JKrob

    Top Down Methodology Tools

    "Am I limited to just AWIPS/GEMPAK to use a tool like this.. or are there other tools out there? Operating system doesn't really matter to me." I hear WINGRIDDS is quite good... http://winweather.org Jeff