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  1. weatherdavewi

    Hybrid Clipper Event 1/27-1/29

    8.2" of very fluffy snow here on the ridge top just east of La Crosse WI. Still snowing big flakes out there. Pretty good forecast here.
  2. weatherdavewi

    April 18th-19th Winter Storm

    Closing in on 7" of new snow just a few miles southeast of La Crosse, WI on the ridge tops since 1pm this afternoon. Current snow depth is 13". What month is this again??
  3. weatherdavewi

    March 5-7 pos Storm

    Measured 7.2" here just east of La Crosse on the ridge tops as of 10 p.m., and it is still snowing lightly. Color me impressed by this one with convective rates of 1-2" per hour while winds gusted to 45 mph earlier this afternoon. Biggest storm of the season for us. Might have to "un-cancel" winter, though not by much.
  4. I'm all in for spring now too and that's really saying something as I'm a huge winter fan. The La Crosse, WI area has consistently been dodged by major winter weather all season and really for the past few years. Heck, our last 10"+ snow was back in 2010! Sure, we've had some nickel and dime systems here and there but they have had no staying power at all for many years now with frequent thaws. In fact, La Crosse has over-performed on temperatures for quite a few days now, even coming close to 60° a few days ago. Snowmobile trails have failed to open for years now. This pattern simply sucks. Ready to punt to spring but I have a weird feeling we may be in for a chilly few months ahead. Just hoping we don't end up with some sneaky late season snows.
  5. weatherdavewi

    February 2018 Discussion

    Managed 1.7" of snow yesterday evening on the ridge tops just east of La Crosse, WI plus a glaze of freezing rain on the leading edge. Always interesting how we are always 3-6 degrees cooler than valley locations. Not going to complain given our history this winter.
  6. weatherdavewi

    Winter 2017-18 Medium/Long Range Disco

    This whole weather pattern of late is a joke for western Wisconsin. Sure, La Crosse has seen ~22" of snow for the season (well below climo), but it's been in short bursts with no "staying power" at all. Every system has been of a mixed precipitation variety, and as a forecaster, this has been a very frustrating pattern! We just can't seem to get a true snowfall event here this year and really for several years now. Fingers crossed that maybe, just maybe the Saturday event will go in our direction, but the GEFS ensemble trends don't add any hope to that idea, with another mixed precip and/or just plain rain event (34° and yucky) likely for this area. Sadly, we haven't had a 10"+ event for 8 years now since 2010, despite averaging one every 3 years per climatology. Something is definitely up.......
  7. Don't forget La Crosse, WI: just 4.9" on the season so far. Good enough for 9th least snowy start to winter through yesterday. If we make it to the 15th without measurable snow (possible but not a given), we'll move up to 5th place. Rooting it on! This winter sucks so far....
  8. weatherdavewi

    March 23-24 System

    Thanks! My family and I were fortunate enough to find a great house and a bunch of land up here on the ridge. Moved from the Gaylord NWS office to La Crosse back in September. The weather up here (about 700 feet above the valley floor) is just awesome...always windy and colder than down below. Grass is covered now. Agree about temps being a little on the cooler side. No real surprise given the strength of that high and airmass the past few days up across southern Canada. Down to 29° here at the house.
  9. weatherdavewi

    March 23-24 System

    First 0.2" of snow from this system up here on the ridge outside of La Crosse, WI. Just started snowing hard - huge flakes.
  10. weatherdavewi

    Extreme cold February 2015

    Down to -24° in Gaylord last night (-28° at the coop site). This is the 7th time this month Gaylord has hit -20° or colder, smashing the previous monthly record of 4 days from 1979. Just frigid!
  11. weatherdavewi

    Extreme cold February 2015

    Another morning below -20° here. Down to -21°. Sadly this is 14° warmer than our low Friday morning. We have turned into the arctic tundra here in northern Michigan.
  12. weatherdavewi

    January 29th-30th Hybrid Clipper

    Picked up right around 6" here just southeast of Gaylord. Water equivalent 0.44". Finally a clipper that over-performed for northern Michigan - haven't seen that in nearly a year!
  13. weatherdavewi

    2014-2015 Winter Sports thread

    Fantastic riding out there the past few days!! Just made it to Mackinaw City from Gaylord on Friday and the conditions were darn near perfect. Could be a little more refreshing snow cover, but I can't complain based on how horrible December was. Lots of winter still left.
  14. weatherdavewi

    Lake Effect Snow Belts Discussion Thread

    5.8" of snow just southeast of Gaylord in the past 3 hours, with some huge flakes noted. Still snowing very hard. Snow depth over 20" now. Love living in the snow belt!
  15. weatherdavewi

    May 2014 General Discussion

    Nice night at the NWS office up here in Gaylord tonight. Been snowing off and on since about 7pm, but with some lake streamers giving a boost the past few hours. Ground is nice and white.