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  1. Although radar looked impressive, wind wasn't that strong. 45 mph at the peak. Probably missed the worst of. Probably badder a WNW where the green flashes were coming from.
  2. I'm in the Lewes area. They got horrible flooding during our big blizzard in January. I hope its not as bad as that.
  3. I had plans to go to the DE beaches for the later part of the weekend.... looks like I'm going to go anyway for some hurricane chasing. Anybody know how much rain the Euro says for the DE and maryland coast?
  4. I was looking forward to my beach weekend in Lewes Delaware. Hopefully it's not underwater.
  5. Oh wow. Huge wind now. Get ready folks.
  6. There has been almost zero wind here so far. But I'm like 60% sure you're being snarky.
  7. Yeah, probably not. I'm at an inch right now, and the radar looks pretty meh. It's very pretty outside and that is a win in my book,
  8. Radar looks good for DC. Might be able to eke out 2"
  9. Thats a good laugh. I wonder if they'll have to issue an apology when its all said and done. If they were to make a call, wouldn't a 2 hour delay with reevaluation make 50000x more sense?
  10. Prince William County Schools already CLOSED TOMORROW. Its going to be funny when the roads are wet and there's a half inch of wet snow on the ground at 6 AM.
  11. Big flakes and sporadic street stickage with this deathband. Pretty wet snow that sticks to trees. We're probably somewhere around freezing,.
  12. Nice band randomly developed over N Arl and NW DC. Moderate wet snow sticking to all unpaved surfaces.
  13. The classic DC split. Areas to the N/W do better because slightly colder temperatures and areas to the SE do better because heavier snow.
  14. Now says a crane has been brought down by it on a bridge he was driving on.
  15. Guy on periscope showing major damage east of Pensacola... Cars flipped and trees and power lines down.
  16. Just to correct you on this, the heaviest "falls" from the blizzard were not in PA or NY. The widest area of 30"+ was in NW MD and VA.
  17. How could our subforum function without NY and New England posters lecturing us on our climatology?
  18. Oh, you were the guy that told us a day 10 HECS on an op GFS run might not actually happen. Dreamcrusher