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  1. Looks like another 60-90 minutes for us out here, with current rates wouldn't be surprised to see us get another inch or so, maybe squeeze out 6-7 inches from this one.
  2. MItch, you getting crushed by this band as well? Looks like definitely in an inch per hour rates at this point. Trick is the high water content might be killing ratios
  3. Time of year is similar to a storm we were hoping for two years ago about this time I believe. What is the level of risk with having wain the previous 6-12 hours providing a relatively warm/wet ground surface and this starting a few hours before sunrise that we end up seeing a "white rain" situation with significant compaction on the grass for ratios of 6 or 8 to 1 and almost nothing accumulating on roads/sidewalks due to the wet surface and sun angle? Or at this point would it be safe to dismiss those concerns?
  4. Just went out to get car ready for grocery shopping before ice hits heavier, and it's not probably 50/50 mix or 75% sleet 25% snow
  5. Well I guess we might as well close the thread then and stop tracking this one.
  6. That matches closer to what I have about 5 miles from you in Millersville at 2 inches
  7. You are in Linthicum right? Just 5 miles from me about, but we've got barely over 2 inches
  8. Not pounded but in Millersville probably about 1-1.5 inches
  9. Channel 11 is horrible lol. They are calling for sleet from 4-11, then showed a map showing rain starting at 5 PM , then showed map that showed snow lasting till midnight all for same areas LOL.
  10. AA county wasn't a jackpot in all areas lol, here in Severna Park/Millersville area can about .1 to .2 inches on the ground, and spotty so a coating would probably be best terminology
  11. HUH? 7-9 hours? Where are you getting that. Maybe 4-6 hours. this will be out of here before 5 am for your area.
  12. Plows are having no problems keeping up with this storm at this point, expect liberal leave at best for feds at this point tomorrow morning.
  13. Would be about a 3-4 inch event for BWI then with current ratios
  14. Yep, ratios right now are rather poor for here, guess the dry air is influencing it more than the cold
  15. You sure on that? I'm a few miles from you in Millersville and still looks like .75 or so, doesn't look like a full inch yet. Just those dry pixie flakes. Wonder if the ratios will end up lower than we thought. Granted not into the heart of the storm yet so hopefully those bands to the west and southwest that have better rates will hit us too. I'm worried though with JB2 thinking AA county could be the jackpot. His forecasts never work out lol