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  1. 7 minutes ago, downeastnc said:

    The main forum thread is ugh.....I am glad for the most part the folks in this sub forum are smart enough to avoid most of that crap....


    I think it came ashore as a Cat 1 and that's being generous :)

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  2. 6 minutes ago, downeastnc said:

     Yeah 12Z gave me the eye, this run I never quite get in the eye its maybe 30 miles further east moving more north, kinda goes Lookout,Aurora,Williamston,Ahoskie/Roanoke Rapids....havent been in the eye since Isabel but it was a ragged storm, Bertha was the only real true eye I have been in, and it was not like it was all blue sky though we did see blue sky.....many runs left to go but looking pretty likely that some part of NC is gonna be dealing with this storm....

    I was 10 years old (LF on my birthday) when Bertha came through.  I was at my grandparents house near Grifton, NC and I remember when the eye came through it was surreal even for a 10 year old.  Definitely the day I became a self proclaimed weather nerd.

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