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Talking the Next three snow threats - SNE WEATHER UPDATE!

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It appears at this moment that the next three snow threats fall on these dates or combination of dates:  15/16th, 18/19th and 20/21, almost every other day kind of succession pattern as the jet becomes quite active with multiple energetic systems in the flow.  As you try and solve a puzzle, you try to fit the pieces in the area you believe it belongs looking at the picture it is supposed to be on the front of the box.  Weather forecasting is the same basic idea.  The difference and is a major difference is that that puzzle is constantly changing in every direction, every piece is changing, and every place that piece is supposed to be is changing.  The weather is a puzzle in constant flux.  The idea of weather systems is the transferring of heat from tropics to polar regions.  A major storm develops along the boundary between extreme heat and extreme cold.  It is meant to transfer that heat to the coldest reaches of the world.  The world is constant balance, and needs to remain in this constant balance to sustain life and the human race and everything it encompasses.  It is such a perfect design the weather makes no mistakes.  However, since human error is a major problem in our lives and since it is all over the place, errors will always happen.  We are not perfect.  Avoiding going into a religious diatribe, I will go back to the next three events.  Right now, the pattern appears to favor EPO ridging combining with the PNAP ridging present.  With ridging potential in both locations, we could have a major push of cold air into the eastern 2/3rd of the CONUS in the 15/16th period.  The pattern is in flux and there is hardly any agreement overall on the H5 pattern aloft.  Some guidance suggests the pattern transitions from a +EPO/-PNA to a -EPO/+PNA then back and forth for these next three events.  So it could be a snow event followed by rain event and then back to snow event for SNE.  Right now, a lot can change even for an event in the next 72 hours.  I will have more tomorrow evening.  Unless something big changes.

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