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Due to the high activity with the pending event, AmericanWx is entering in what is called Storm mode. Additional temporary moderators are added and the normal warn and suspend protocols are removed. Moderators will now have the power to automatically remove your posts and or suspend you without warning. Moderators will create ONE thread that you may mix banter and weather in. KEEP ALL BANTER in this thread ONLY. Please see below the new policies/rules that are put into affect under Storm Mode:

1. Cross thread trolling will not be permitted on the weather side. If you are in a region other than your own with the sole purpose of starting trouble, you will be suspended without question.

2. Model threads will be cleared of unrelated discussion, empty "smiley posts", personal attacks, and analysis without any basis. Even the most basic and rudimentary analysis would be appreciated.

3. In model threads, repetitive questions such as “where is it going" "will it hit my house tomorrow at 11:04pm…..” etc will be deleted.

4. Please respect the professionals that post here. They will make forecasts as they are comfortable but continued pestering or badgering of them with "where is the storm going, how are the winds for..?" will result in the quickest exit from this board. We will not be tolerant of abusive or trolling behavior.

5. If you post a forecast, please have some sound reasoning behind it. IMBY forecasts also known as wishcasts will likely end up in OT or deleted.

6. DO NOT link threads that have nothing to do with weather or weather forecasting from any other board. Do not link threads from other boards that contain cross feuding or dealing with personal issues.

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