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Cody Ervin

Tornado Forecasting Crowdcasting Contest

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Hey guys, 

     I'm working on a website / software ordeal where severe weather enthusiasts and meteorologists can enter their:


1.) Tornado target city


2.) # of tornadoes they think will occur for the day


3.) Probability of 1 or more EF3+ tornadoes being reported.


You can score points based off your performance and level up throughout the contest. 


I then will take all of this submitted data by ALL users and combine it together on a map and in statistical averages, so it is in a way, crowd casting. 


This could be really cool. Registration closes May 2nd-ish, but I might allow a few late registree-s depending on how many people we get. There will be some prizes as well




Here's an image of what plotted tornado target points would look like on a map.




Let me know what you guys think of this idea / any improvements etc. That could be made. It's in experimental version this year but I may develop this into a software of some kind pending theres enough interest. 

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