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Found 7 results

  1. Want to do something different that I haven't seen anywhere on a forum yet. Since many of us are starved this winter for a decent region wide storm use your imagination and make those fantasy 200 300 plus gfs storms come to life. Create your own radar, winter storm, totals, predictions map etc. If you're a bigger severe weather fan create your own super cell, SPC map, tornado track. This is something different and try and keep other discussions out. If you can just make a map off of paint or whatever software and get creative. Let's see those fantasy storms and radars
  2. Pykl3 Radar (normally $9.99) is now free to download through Amazon.
  3. With the first major outbreak of the year well underway, it's time for this thread. Rochelle, IL 1 - April 9 Rochelle, IL 2 - April 9 Longview, TX - April 9
  4. We are looking into replacing our current radar system on our website and its been 4 years so we were wondering what folks are using on their weather websites to display radar. We have heard of... - Zoom Radar - Storm Predator Any others (paid and free)? TIA
  5. What: WeatherBox Tactical Weather Support Software When: We hope to launch WeatherBox before the end of March. Watch the version 1.0 video tour on our forum here: The subscription for the data flow will only be $9.99/month, with first 14 days free and can cancel during trial period. There will be no cost for the software itself. There are too many features to list here, but one of the best features is the timeliness of the data. We have timed local radar images arriving 30-60 seconds faster than the other major software packages, as well as full size 1km resolution visible satellite imagery. Just watch the video to see what it's all about. It will turn your PC into a professional-grade meteorological workstation. In addition to what you see in the users guide video, we will also have a very special feature called Time Machine (Coming soon). With Time Machine, you'll be able to set the date of your WeatherBox to a past date (We started archiving early this year, but will continue to accumulate with time). All the data you normally view in real-time will be available from the archive. With the click of the a button, your WeatherBox will populate with full 1km visible satellite, IR, WV, local and national mosaic radar, warnings, observations, VWP's and storm attributes from the chosen date. Time Machine will be a GREAT TOOL for learning about past events, or just to have fun loading up an interesting weather day. A WeatherBox including time machine will be $14.99/month. Finally, we will also be adding a model page that will be accessible to subscribers. Just like our real-time data...we expect the model output to be produced lightning fast so WeatherBox subscribers will always have the first look at the new model output. Join the forum to keep up with latest news, including actual release date. We hope to see you there!
  6. I would like to know where I can find a free online radar that shows the following precipitation types: freezing rain/ice pellets/hail/snow/rain. This radar must also have an archive. I am NOT looking for the typical rain/snow/mix radar.
  7. Time to get this thread going since we actually have images worth posting. I'll start with my own. April 27th: Mayflower/Vilonia, AR April 28th: Tupelo, MS April 28th: Louisville, MS