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  1. 6 minutes ago, STL Scott said:

    Ozarkwx I did not live here in 2009?? I take it that was real bad?? If I remember correctly I was at a conference in LA and one of my fellow club mgrs had to return to OKC because of bad ice storm. Had to bring in refrigerator truck to keep all food cold because power was to be out 2 weeks..i think that was 2009 so I'm thinking that's the one your referring too?

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    Yes, January 29 as i recall.  It was devastating to NW AR through KY and heavily impacted a much wider swath. 

  2. 4 hours ago, Cerakoter1984 said:

    NWS tulsa has essentially become the government subsidized version of AccuWeather over the last couple of years. They're pretty pathetic nowadays.

    That is a pretty strong statement.  Please clarify.  

    From my armchair perspective they are pretty good at severe weather, not so much at snow. Strictly anecdotal observation. 

  3. Thanks for all the replies. So far this year I have replaced the reed switch on the tipping bucket, and the main board in the sensor.

    I now have to replace the temp/humidity sensor and the remote anemometer transmitter capacitor.

    The Weatherlink data module stops working at random times for no apparent reason.

    Was hoping for a better answer than get another VP2 or keep replacing parts. Prolly will just buy the parts and move on.

  4. I have a Vantage Pro 2 (about 5 years old)  and it has experienced multiple failures this year and I am tired of constantly having to repair it.  I am ready to start fresh with something more reliable and I would appreciate your suggestions.


    I am comfortable with the features and price point of the Vantage Pro 2, although it does seem a bit dated.  In other words, I want an advanced hobbyist unit in the $400-800 range.  Thanks,