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  1. iambinarymind

    March 20/21 STORM Obs/Discussion- No Banter

    Snow coming down nicely, neighborhood roads covered. Ballenger Creek, MD
  2. iambinarymind

    March 1-2 wind event

    no power outages in Ballenger Creek, MD where i'm at thus far ... just watching the big pine trees in front of my apartment go back and forth.
  3. iambinarymind

    February 7th Snow To Rain Event

    Frederick, MD (Ballenger Creek), while it is freezing rain, at this time it's only glazing up grass/trees/cars ... the side walks and roads are fine for now.
  4. iambinarymind

    Super Bowl Slop Storm

    Same here Mrs. J, snow coming down pretty well with grass/pavement covered.
  5. iambinarymind

    March 13-14 Storm Nowcasting/Obs

    Starting to snow at decent rate in Frederick, MD near 270 / 70 intersect...tiny flakes. Cars and grass getting covered.
  6. iambinarymind

    February banter thread

    Is the back end supposed to fill in at all as we get closer to rush hour?
  7. iambinarymind

    February 8-9 Short range disco and Obs - STORM MODE

    Continued rain in Frederick, MD (right next to route 70), however temperature dropping fast - now 34 degrees. c'mon precip, switch!
  8. iambinarymind

    July 13-15 storm risk

    Very heavy wind gusts/rain here in Frederick, MD, near Ballenger Creek.
  9. iambinarymind

    March '14 Obs and General Discussion

    Mostly sleet at this time in Frederick, MD (21703 - Near 70/270 interchange) Little accumulation on grass.
  10. iambinarymind

    March 2-3 Obs Thread

    Incoming indeed. Ballenger Creek area near to 270/70 is looking beautiful. When I woke up at 600am I was saddened by what looked like we were going to be fringed. Thank goodness for these beautiful bands of snow setting up with temperatures below 20 degrees F now.
  11. iambinarymind

    March 2-3 Obs Thread

    Looking like Frederick, MD (21703 - Near Ballenger Creek) may actually get some decent amounts, as the radar seems to be filling in quite nice for this area...and combined with the current temperature of 24 degrees F resulting in higher ratios/instant stickage, this event is turning out to be surprisingly good! Highways are covered per the 270/70 traffic cams ( http://www.chart.state.md.us/travinfo/trafficcams.php# ) Stay warm and safe my fellow snow lovers!
  12. iambinarymind

    Feb 12-13 Finale Observations Part 3

    Don't fret, it'll cool down quite quickly.
  13. iambinarymind

    Feb 12-13 Deathband Storm, Obs Part 2

    It's now coming down harder than I've seen in years in Frederick, MD (21703 - near 270/70 interchange). Just...WOW.
  14. iambinarymind

    Feb 12-13 Deathband Storm, Obs Part 2

    Death band getting ever closer to Frederick, MD [21703 - near 270/70 interchange] Still 23 degrees F, heavy snow to become extremely heavy w/in the next 30 minutes (per radar). Stay safe everyone!
  15. iambinarymind

    Feb 12-13 Deathband Storm, Obs Part 2

    Amped, on 13 Feb 2014 - 05:45 AM, said: That's awesome because I am within walking distance of the 270/70 triangle. Still coming down very hard and those darker orange bands look like they're on their way.