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  1. with a name like "iceman" you sure are a snowflake
  2. 100% of the commonwealth can laugh at the cowboys today
  3. enjoy the pyrite eagles fans !
  4. average noun Save Word To save this word, you'll need to log in. Log In av·er·age | \ ˈa-v(ə-)rij \ Essential Meaning of average 1: a number that is calculated by adding quantities together and then dividing the total by the number of quantitiesThe average of 16, 8, and 6 is 10.Take all these temperatures and find their average.
  5. so, how long until you pansies hug the snowiest model and then throw a tantrum when the snow never comes?
  6. source? maybe it has to do with regional broadcast coverage and what team is shown. Amazing if the all time loser team in the history of competitive sports has the most viewers per game even with 11,112 losses.
  7. hang in there... soon you can model hug and throw a tantrum when the snow doesn't materialize.
  8. baseball has twice as many games, honestly the internet has ruined sport viewership because you can instantly see the game summary or highlights once the game is over. Same reason newspapers are dead.
  9. you can go back, all the way back to the Romans. No team has ever lost more games than the Phillies.... quite a history indeed.
  10. Imagine winning SIX super bowls
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