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  1. for the sake of the planet, you'd better pull your electric meter and park your car. DOPE.
  2. about a month (or more) behind full leaf out. Where's the global warming i mean climate change? Throw out the urban heat effect and there is no cause for alarm with the climate, unless you ask the greenies.
  3. drought watch still in effect for you eastern PA folks ?
  4. hopefully this rain will get you eastern PA folks closer to breaking that drought
  5. blew a forecast once... I know... it happens. Got stuck in Punxsutawney for a 24 hours. Worst days of my life.
  6. Amazing that a few days ago most of you DOPES cancelled winter. Out here in the western part of the state, most of us are smart enough to take things a day or two at a time. Any forecast beyond 48 hours is laughable at best.
  7. with all the remote work available, why don't you snow weenies move to a location that gets substantial snow?
  8. every news station weatherman references degrees above or below "normal", which is the average temperature for the day.
  9. of course, but you get the idea. Average temperature should never be expected to be normal.
  10. record high / record low that's how you come up with an "average"
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