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  1. Agree. Titans are in one of the weakest divisions in the NFL and our team sucked for several straight seasons. We didn't make the playoffs from the 2009 to 2016 seasons, I believe.
  2. Bills still would have sucked without Brady playing in the AFC East
  3. We had a great thunder and lightning show between 4 and 4:15am. It was graupeling hard during that time before it transitioned to big, fat flakes.
  4. Most people up here would welcome that solution with open arms following the weeks of BN temps. Granted, 51 F seems extremely warm for the North Country, so this solution is a little tough to imagine.
  5. Yeah man I don't mind some s**t talkin'. IRL I had only one particularly negative experience at a bar last fall which soured me on the Bills
  6. I started it so it's all good man, I couldn't care less if we're throwing around some trash talk. It's just message board goofin'
  7. I spoke w/ a local observer today and he said Oswego is just shy of 40" of snow for the season. Oswego has that amount by New Year's in an average winter. Unless we get plenty of LES, Oswego is destined for another below average season
  8. It was cold enough this morning that we experienced some man-made snow flurries from the steam stacks in Oswego. I'm sure the nuclear plant up the road was producing some too.
  9. It's been snowing for the past hour and a half with varying intensity as these individual bands come ashore
  10. It just tapered off about 10 minutes ago as it moved south. Had some really nice rates from 7-8
  11. We have been very lucky with the band this morning! We have gotten a couple inches out of it. Snowpack is at or over a foot now.
  12. @TugHillMatt Local news 3 has 3-5" of new snow for northern Onondaga today
  13. I need to stop by that place. My wooden teeth are acting up again. Might give the gravel teeth a shot
  14. That's amazing! I remember when Turkey got hit by a blizzard five years ago. The photos amazed me. I didn't think the Eastern Mediterranean could get hit by storms like that.
  15. Oswego snowpack is around 10", and the current event should put us at or over a foot. The RGEM graces us with a single band tomorrow night.
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