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  1. Fair enough; you won't see me on the edge of a cliff whenever CNY misses out on a few inches of snow
  2. I don't, but I accept Mother Nature for what she is. I would rather we reach our annual average snowfall in Oswego and have consistently cold temperatures, but if it looks like we're going to go into the oven, I'll accept it. It's not like we have a choice Besides, I'll bet most people up here are looking forward to some temperatures in the 40s-50s.
  3. I'm looking forward to a brief torch. Great running wx. Tonight through tomorrow we could have a few inches from a LES event in Oswego.
  4. Light to moderate LES in Oswego. Very high ratio snow. Just under an inch has accumulated since this evening. Hardly any signature on the radar.
  5. Fingers crossed for more LES. Looks favorable. It's a beautiful February afternoon. Cold, but the strong(er) February sun and low wind makes being outside pleasant.
  6. Solid! Doesn't seem like such a bad winter after this storm. What's your annual average in Cazenovia? Oswego's still well below average, but we've made some progress since our miserably warm months of Nov. and Dec. This is a great way to kick off February.
  7. This event has been awesome And yes this is the biggest snowfall I've seen. This one did it
  8. Update: we have reached 10.4" Models did very well with this storm here
  9. Been snowing nicely all afternoon. Light now, but beautiful. Today definite put us over a foot for the event.
  10. DGZ criteria finally met! Up until a couple hours ago we had grainy snow. We've now transitioned moderate rates with big flakes.
  11. 9" storm total in Oswego. We could get another inch out of it to make 10"
  12. Yes and I'll zoom in right over your friend's backyard
  13. Oswego storm total just under 7 inches so far. Could still have several more inches ahead! I'm curious if conditions will become more favorable for dendritic growth as this event progresses. Right now we have a nose that's warmer than the desirable -10 to -20 C window. We're almost at -10 C at the sfc right now but you don't hit that temperature again until you go up to the 600mb level. Once we get near that mark for the 850-600 mb level we'll hopefully get some bigger flakes that will give us a boost! HRRR looks favorable for snow continuing almost all day tomorrow in Oswego. It may be lighter but we could have bigger flakes. Another thing- our RH at the SFC is below 90%. Cold, dry air is really trying to fight its way forward.
  14. Let's goooo! It's already improved here in Oswego too. Still fine flakes, but they don't look like frozen drizzle anymore. The snowpack is very pretty already.
  15. The icy side of this storm isn't messing around. Memphis already has more than half an inch of ZR.
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