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  1. Looks nice. The cold pattern could push us to 80" for the season. We have 71".
  2. Oswego hit 71 yesterday before the lake breeze took over.
  3. If I were as miserable as that guy about not getting x amount of snow, I'd give up on winter and move to San Diego
  4. I would rate this winter a C- for Oswego. We had a couple of good lake-effect events, but our synoptic events were not impressive. There was a NW flow that dominated most LES events that produced the best totals over Jefferson Co. to our north. I was hoping for a really big storm this winter, but our biggest event produced 10-12". I'll keep my hopes up for next season. On the positive side, January was nice and cold and we had a month of consistent snow cover, so in a sense I got to experience a real northern winter where the snow doesn't vanish after a couple of days. At the very least, this season's snowfall total is ahead of the last two seasons.
  5. Those snowfall total maps are not always accurate. Oswego, NY has 70" so far this season but it paints us in the 8-10 foot range. Additionally, I know Lewis Co., TN has about 18" this season but it's not located within the 1-2' contour on the map. These maps are a great resource to get an idea of snowfall surplus vs. deficits nationwide, but I do not use them for totals for one location. The interpolation can lead to error.
  6. For reference, Oswego is at 70" on the season. My hometown in Middle TN did well with 16.5" of snow recorded, which is half of Albany's total. Fairly impressive for that far south.
  7. Wow, that's amazing! Lake-effect is pretty rare in the spring. I'm surprised you were able to pick up a really good LES event so late in the season.
  8. It's going to be a gorgeous spring day once this rain clear out. I will be outside.
  9. Before I go on a big hike I always eat a bowl of plain oatmeal and a banana. I bring bananas, toffee, a can of beans, and water along with me.
  10. Syracuse has been too far east for the good synoptic storms this winter.
  11. I'd like for this Nor'Easter to verify. That's one heck of a jet streak on the 29th anniversary of the '93 Superstorm
  12. According to the GFS, winter isn't done yet. The polar jet may have something in store for us.
  13. Light snow right now, anticipating heavier rates about to come onshore
  14. Light snow has commenced. Got a couple tenths of an inch from an unexpected graupel storm this morning. It was precipitating pretty hard around 9am.
  15. Does anyone have any theories about why seasonal snowfall east of Lake Ontario has been well below average the past several seasons? I believe global warming is a factor, but this stark change makes me think something else is influencing this. I believe the Pacific has really contributed to the deficit in our region. We have been lucky to get the polar jet in a favorable position to advect cold air from W-E over the Lake. For example, we had below average temps. for most of January but still finished well below normal in snowfall. I was hoping we would get a good dose of LES last month because the 13C temp. difference was favorable. Still very new to this area so I appreciate the perspective from you all.
  16. On the positive side, I didn't move up here 2 years ago. This is the 3rd dismal winter in a row for Oswego. Only 52" of snow fell in 2019-2020 and 58" last season. This one is not much better, considering we'll finish at 80" if we are lucky (we currently have 66"). But I'll take what I can get. I witnessed a couple good synoptic events and a couple of single-band lake-effect events. I didn't see a big storm like I wanted to (2 feet or more), but you never know what March has in store for us. With my luck, CNY will get 2-3 feet of synoptic + lake-enhanced snow from a Nor'easter while I'm home in mid-March. If that's what it takes to get us somewhat near average, I'll take one for the team!
  17. Steamy pattern dominates the GFS Still some decent snow chances on the table, but nothing will stick around for very long with several days forecasted to be in the 40s-50s. And it's almost March, so the sun angle is pretty intense by now.
  18. Upcoming pattern: -PNA, +AO/NAO, weak MJO = not so favorable for snow
  19. Is that well below average for your town? Oswego is at 66" for the season
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