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  1. I missed it! I was just in the area last weekend. Got some token wet snowflakes down here in Nashville.
  2. Props to the SPC and GFS. They are the reason why I posted this last weekend. Had fairly intense severe day today.
  3. Risk was marginal, but we did have tornadoes today in a part of the state that rarely sees them.
  4. Other than moving to a windward alpine climate, this might be the biggest possible change in winter weather I could pick. But hey, I'm all about adventures. I don't know about luck, but I can bring several dustings with me.
  5. Excited to relocate! I'll be heading up there next week to tour the campus. I won't move in until four months from now.
  6. Update: I put in my transfer application in February and have been accepted. I will be attending SUNY Oswego in the Fall to study Meteorology.
  7. Flooding has become a statewide issue; homes also becoming endangered in other low-lying areas in Middle and West Tennessee.
  8. Hail from the storm that hit our house at 6am.
  9. Aw, man. I guess it's too late for this to happen, right?
  10. All clear here. SE Williamson, about 25 miles ESE of me, is under a warning.
  11. Heavy rain has commenced here. Some big bolts of lightning. Clouds very low to the ground- I have a sliver of daylight remaining.
  12. Checking in. First big line of storms is about to move through my area. Expecting the more dangerous round of isolated t-storms between 8 and 9pm. Got sick of some of the posters on TennesseeWx being immature so I'm coming over here for the evening.
  13. Holy flip! I feel sorry for all those folks' automobiles.
  14. Hey guys, haven't posted since the winter weather last month. Well, I'll be darned if a storm may not blow away some structures in Middle Tennessee tomorrow. I'm in a good spot to witness something catastrophic.
  15. Beginning to think the Tennessee Valley has an annual monsoon that begins in February. Curious to see if annual mean precipitation increases when the '91-'20 normals are released. Has our climate gotten slightly wetter? Would like to graph a trend from the early 20th century to today.
  16. "Yay! Flooding, my favorite form of extreme weather" - nobody But hey, at least it isn't wildfires.
  17. Good week for winter weather lovers down here. Recap for my area: Thu, Feb 11: Ice storm (still ice on trees as of Feb 20) Fri-Sat, 12-13: Freezing fog for more than 48 hours; temps remained below 0 deg. C Sun, 14: 0.5" of sleet in evening Mon, 15: 1.0" of sleet Tue, 16: 0.5" of dry snow Wed, 17: 3.5" of snow, 0.1" of sleet Thu, 18: 0.5" of snow
  18. If I include the 1.5" of sleet in my annual total, I have 9.3" for the year. This winter has been a good one. Can't complain when you get above average these days. I'm 30 miles from Nashville, situated approximately 300' in elevation higher than KBNA. It's safe to assume my location should average slightly more than KBNA's annual snowfall- maybe by a half inch or so. If the 1981-2010 data at KBNA was 6.4" per year, let's assume the average in Primm Springs is 7.0" per year. It's been more rare in recent winters to surpass the average from the past, so my expectations for each winter are a bit lower. Therefore, this is my grading system for how well a certain winter did IMBY based on snowfall: F: Trace or no accumulation (example: 2004-2005) TOTAL FAILURE D: 1" or less (2011-2012) VERY DISAPPOINTING C-: 1-2" (2013-2014) FRUSTRATING C: 2-3" (2016-2017) LOUSY C+: 3-4" (2017-2018) MEH B-: 4-5" (2007-2008) SATISFACTORY B: 5-7" (2014-2015) DECENT B+: 7-10" (2009-2010) GOOD A-: 10-15" (2010-2011) GREAT A: 15-24" (1995-1996) EXCELLENT A+: 24" or greater (1976-1977) EPIC
  19. Hey all, decided to repost what I shared on This is a brief analysis of the nation's seasonal snowfall (including images). Shows national snowcover as of January 1st, February 12th, and today. This week has been one for the record books for millions of people.,4027.msg259012.html#msg259012
  20. Didn't age well at all. Did exactly what the HRRR showed all day. As soon as I started b**chin', the snow started fallin'.
  21. 3" of new snow atop 1" of ice from Monday.
  22. So glad the whole state is getting frozen precip. out of this. I'd like to see Chattanooga get something.
  23. When the sun when down, the sleet changed to snow, and it started piling up. I have probably added 2" since 6pm. I have not taken a measurement though.