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  1. It just tapered off about 10 minutes ago as it moved south. Had some really nice rates from 7-8
  2. We have been very lucky with the band this morning! We have gotten a couple inches out of it. Snowpack is at or over a foot now.
  3. @TugHillMatt Local news 3 has 3-5" of new snow for northern Onondaga today
  4. I need to stop by that place. My wooden teeth are acting up again. Might give the gravel teeth a shot
  5. That's amazing! I remember when Turkey got hit by a blizzard five years ago. The photos amazed me. I didn't think the Eastern Mediterranean could get hit by storms like that.
  6. Oswego snowpack is around 10", and the current event should put us at or over a foot. The RGEM graces us with a single band tomorrow night.
  7. I hope Cincinnati wins so we don't have to see any clips of Jackson Mahomes dancing on the sidelines in the SB
  8. I don't follow hockey and I can tell as much this is a minor league but damn Racist hockey fans:
  9. Ok, I got my jesting in. I'm gonna hit the showers. That was seriously the best NFL game I've ever seen. No question
  10. Don't get greedy. Buffalo went more than 20 years without winning their division and like 18 without a playoff appearance
  11. Hey man, I wouldn't be talking shit if y'all weren't in here dissing the Titans
  12. Might as well give that to the Titans because they beat both this season
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