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  1. received this as a response from their webmaster when I asked them about the situation:


    There has been a rash of spoofed tornado reports using real spotter names across the country on web and social media. This is making social media and web reports difficult to use and we strongly advise reports of tornadoes be called into our office for this reason.
    We received no other reports about this tornado and calls to local law enforcement also could not substantiate the report. We have a responsibility to confirm all reports we receive. We understand, a brief spin-up not seen on radar is not out of the question. The legitimacy of the report has become more apparent since. Being a public office, we receive lots of reports, good and bad. This places us in a difficult position, especially for something that looks as poorly as this storm did on radar. We are sorry for all the misunderstanding this has caused with the chaser community. Questioning a legitimate chaser was not out intention.