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OBS/DISCO - The Historic James Blizzard of 2022


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10 minutes ago, OceanStWx said:

I see PWM just did it. Currently 1/8SM +SN and gust to 51 knots.

Did a quick check and we also got RKD and PSM. SFM lost winds but likely did it. And LEW is 20 minutes or so away from doing it.


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1 minute ago, OceanStWx said:

Almost there. Next ob would do it. They lost their wx sensor but I'm pretty sure it's snow causing the 1/4SM. :lol:

What do you look for with the wind? They’ve been at least 1/4 mi for like 5+ hours until recently.


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11F/9 tiny flakes all day. Hard to tell but from experience with storms like this I'd say 8-10 inches (in reality trace to 3 feet with wind). Like shoveling sand between the wind and the high density. Kind of weird. The light fluffy stuff must have stayed under the heavy bands. We may wrap it up with a foot when all is said and done--especially if we luck out and squeeze something out of the remaining few hours. Wind seems to have abated slightly and turned pretty much due north.

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10 minutes ago, geo1 said:

About 12” here really hard to be accurate. Still coming down pretty good.

I'd say by now we're over a foot but with this drifting it is ridiculous. As you stated and me earlier, just terrible to measure. If I showed a picture on here of my property/ back + Front, yard, Porch, many comments here would say that it looks definitely over a foot.

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