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Feb 1 -3 GHD III

Brian D

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3 minutes ago, Sciascia said:

The ratios, I assume, will be near 10:1 for the overrunning portion since it’s starting as rain. How are they looking for the main event storm?

Definitely higher for the main storm system.

Several posts back I posted a Chicago metro sounding from during the heart of the storm on Thursday, showing a deep DGZ.

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1 minute ago, hlcater said:

What else has come north besides the 18z GFS? The rest of guidance seems to look commensurate with their previous respective runs.


Pretty tough to call one run of one model a trend. 

There's been a general north trend on the modeling today.  

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2 hours ago, IWXwx said:

FYP. Truthfully, I'm afraid of the fact that even a 50 mile north shift would put us in danger of ice. We may begin with overrunning rain the way it is. It pains me to say it, but I'd rather have sleet than ice (The former LAF guys know what i mean).

Hail, Hail, the gang's all here. Good to see @snowstormcanuck, @Chicago WX, @TheWeatherPimp, @Harry, and I guess that you can throw @Thundersnow12in there. Welcome back. A lot of us old farts are still around.



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1 minute ago, ChiTownSnow said:

Watching from the sidelines on this one pains me .. In Florida next week

That was me two weeks ago when Toronto got smoked. I was down in Fort Myers and like today (Bills fan) I tried to pretend nothing was happening. But then I ended up tracking it and asking my parents in the city how much snow and asked my neighbour to send me pics of my driveway and truck (Just like I turned in to watch KC lose in OT!) 

Also if my neighbour didnt know I enjoyed weather he sure did when I asked for pictures of snow 

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