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Jan 6/7 "Event" and obs


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4 minutes ago, gunny23 said:

we killed trying to get out to Canaan tonight - our friends who were over an hour ahead of us said trucks and cars were all over 48 including one semi sideways into a hill.   They were lucky to get behind a plow but still can't see anything - said it's the worse they have ever seen it.   I was looking forward to the hot tub while it was puking snow for our first storm in the new house - but we'll have to wait until the next one

What really sucks is our internet is down up there so we can't even watch the snow piling up on the cameras....snow will be still be there tomorrow....

Drove up to Canaan years ago well before 48 got you anywhere near Davis…in an Elantra in a snowstorm. Multiple snowPlow assists. Drove into a lane on 48 that ended in a snow drift. Thank God i was on an upslope so i could reverse out and go up in the left lane. Then somehow did a power slide up Mount Storm. It was 36 and rain when i left NOVA. A great story because I survived which i wasn’t so sure of for a while lol.

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Just now, DDweatherman said:

Based on what I see from some of the radar obs, surface truth, and mesoanalysis, this one could actually give Some GFS totals once the banding gets going. 

I like what I am seeing as well. Never hurts to see our storm overperforming to the SW of us. Moisture transport looks pretty solid as well.

Curious to see how the SLP evolves (track, strength) over the coming hours. We should know fairly early on whether or not the GFS is onto something or not 

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1 minute ago, gunny23 said:

Our friends were just west of Moorefield - easily said 6 or 7 inches and the rates were insane.  Up until Wardensville not much of anything but when it hit, it hit hard,

48 between Moorefield and Davis is essentially a death trap if you don’t know what you are doing. I almost prefer it in the snow compared to the fog. On the drive back This past weekend there were times when visibility was basically zero.  My wife asked me if i knew what i was doing? Still trying to figure that out lol

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