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Upstate/Eastern New York-Pattern Change Vs Tughill Curse?

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26 minutes ago, Syrmax said:

Heavy sunshine breaking out here interspersed with snowflakes. Expectations for jackpot level snowfall is waning minute by minute.. 

Pretty good bursts of snow in progress here.  Hopes for jackpotting snows resurgent.

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5 minutes ago, CNY_WX said:

Just had a burst of heavy snow here but the band appears to be racing south now. 

Some very large dendrites, SN+ burst here. By eyeball I am near my 0.8" jackpot hopes!  I am literally stealing Matt's snow!

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12 minutes ago, TugHillMatt said:

Still waiting for something under this band. Maybe I'll get something from the system that the GFS has missing us to the south at the end of next week. :lol:

The southern (VA & NC) snowbelts will be the target for that one. ;)

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Just measured before the INCREASING SUN ANGLE and LATENT HEAT OF SUBLIMATION does its dirty work.  0.5" of fluff as this wraps up.  Not quite jackpot level snowfall but these pennies will eventually add up.  To a nickel.

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2 minutes ago, TugHillMatt said:

Looking that way...hahaha. Finally getting some nice fluffers for the past 5 minutes. Maybe I'll get a tenth of what Wolfie got?

Don't worry by the time it gets measured tomorrow morning we will"officially" have another T in the books lol

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@Syrmax, you ready for some more pennies to add on to your totals? :P

BGM's take on Thursday night/Friday:

There will
be a chance for a brief period of a wintry mix as the front
moves through, especially if the cold air at the surface outruns
the warmer air aloft. Snow is not expected to be heavy as the
upper level trough is expected to kick the low out of the area
quickly. Up to a half inch of snow in spots from the Southern
Tier northward can be expected into Friday morning.

Lake effect snow showers are expected across the northern
Finger Lakes to Oneida county as the cold air moves into the
area from the NW. Some isolated showers may reach down into the
Southern Tier but the majority of the lake effect showers are
expected across the northern counties. Accumulation will be low
with under an inch expected before showers dissipate Friday
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