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Upstate/Eastern New York-Pattern Change Vs Tughill Curse?

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4 hours ago, CNY_WX said:

My snowpack survived our mini torch but is probably down to 2-3 inches. There are some small bare spots in drainage areas but the remaining snow will freeze into an ice sheet tonight. 

About 6" of avg snowdepth here still though we've lost over 1/2 of it in the past few days. Looks like most of the rest of it will be gone other than snowpiles over the next week.  Sigh.

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3 hours ago, TugHillMatt said:

BGM is hilarious. The models are trending further SE and snowier for the end of the week, yet they made temps higher and reduced snow chances. I noticed the weekend crew there tends to do this though.

I'm at 56" of total snowfall for the season and it's looking like we will struggle to reach even 70" at this rate, unless we nickel and dime our way there over the next month. Which is what i suspect happens.

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1 hour ago, rochesterdave said:

18z GFS keeps with the cutter idea. Hard to bet against it. Something better give soon. 

It's within 5 days now and the shortwave is south of mainland Alaska. Time has run out with how models are today.

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The CNY snow forcefield carries on. Even with NW winds and the snow coming south over Western NY...here, it's like a WSW flow (even with NW winds) carrying the snow to the Northern Tug. The BUF forecast area has had day after day of precip this season, while we...sit and wait.

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8 minutes ago, rochesterdave said:

Entirely a frozen event for NW WNY. Buffalo-Niagara Falls. 
Imagine these maps if it shifts another 50 miles SE. Those nutty totals are without any enhancement. Shudder. Lol

well I honestly gave up any hope of snow with this one so now I'm intrigued. Since GTA is riding the line Im also good for a 50 mile shift SE to get Buffalo-Niagara and maybe even Rochester into it. 

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