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December 2021 Obs/Disco...Dreaming of a White-Weenie Xmas

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1 minute ago, Wentzadelphia said:

I’m saving this username for when Wentz comes back for one last season at age 42, gets hurt week 17, and Nick Foles wins us another super bowl. No really I want to change it but the site doesn’t let me haha

C'mon mods, he shouldn't have to keep the Wentzadelphi name...help the guy out ..this is your chance to not fumble the ball. I am sure you can help him turnover to a new user name...it is the holiday season.

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Longer range is still a little concerning. Despite the AK trough, we sort of luck out a bit between weenie ridging near the Pole and then perhaps some near Greenland as it migrates to Scandinavia. However at the end of the EPS, it's been hinting that despite some dateline ridging trying to develop, we may see the PNA drop and a little SE ridging take hold near mid month. Of course it has been volatile on the long range..but just stating what it shows.

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