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Spring/Summer 2021 Observations.


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Spring has sprung and it's brought rain again this year. After a fairly dry two weeks that actually had a few brush fires in the area the rain has returned.  

2.75 inches in the last 24 hours. A 3+ inch event last week. Suddenly the "dry" March is well AN on rainfall imby with over 7 inches so far.  

A dry Friday looks like it's going to give way to another bout of heavy rain Saturday into Sunday.  Possibly another 10 inch month this month. Had more of them in the last 24-30 months than most 10 year periods produce.  

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Snow coming down at a good clip right now.  We have snow on raised surfaces and a little bit on the roads.  No April Fools....legit stuff.  We will now record a healthy trace here - maybe even a tenth of an inch of snow.  Normally, that is no big deal, but in April it is pretty cool.  

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Beautiful day today!  Yesterday was cold, windy, and raw with snow falling from the sky on occasion.  Today is postcard worthy.  Cover up those at-risk plants tonight!  as it is going to be very cold. Our seasonal hoop house(which I was wondering if it was even going to be needed) has been up for about a month.  This week it is worth its weight in gold.  We roll up the sides during the day and drop them at night when it goes below 32.  Tonight is going to be pushing the limits even for it.  Good thing is that most of what is in the garden right now is just cold hard stuff anyway.

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Looks like there could be a few patches of light snow beginning to mix in over W TN. Assuming it’s reaching the ground, of course. Just amazing how cold this airmass is and how it resembles a wintertime anafront! MRX latest afd talked about that very thing-how most of the moisture was anafrontal. I can’t recall seeing something quite this strong so late into April.


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