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17 hours ago, yotaman said:

Wanted to let everyone know that if they are looking for a weather station. Now is the time to buy as there are some very good discounts out there. My wife just bought me the Ambient WS-2902C. Got it for 20% off.

That’s the one I have. Been good, had an issue with my rain gauge at first that worked itself out 

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I think the last time I even thought about weather was during Hurricane Ida.  Have we actually had any weather since then?  Is weather event related or does it actually happen all the time?  Is 60° and sunny with a slight breeze actually considered weather?  Do weather persons actually get paid to report on these conditions?  Isn't this really the equivilent of a tree falling in the woods and us questioning if there was a noise?

So many questions.....:arrowhead:

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