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September Discobs 2020

George BM

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My numbers for the month of September 2020

Rainfall for the month was 3.45 inches vs a normal of 3.40 inches, a +0.05 above average. The wettest day was on the 1st with 1.05 inches falling. There were 14 days with measurable, 2 days with a 'T' and 14 dry days. The averaged high was 73.2 degrees vs a normal of 77.3 degrees, a -4.1 below average. The warmest day was the 4th with a 85.1 degree reading. The averaged low was 53.8 degrees vs a normal of 52.7 degrees, a +1.1 above average. The coldest temp was 36.5 degrees on the 20th. The overall average temp was 63.5 degrees vs a normal of 65.0 degrees, a -1.5 below average. I recorded no winds above 25 mph for the month. Records for the month include a new 'cool max' on the first of 67.5 degrees, and two new record lows, 36.5 degrees on the 20th and 36.7 degrees on the 21st. Overall a chilly and calm month with average rainfall. Records date to October 1979.

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