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Flagstaff weather

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Over 10 years in Flagstaff and the local/state/Gov. forecasters have yet to get it right.

the #1 reason is that there is so much area that is considered Flagstaff and

#2 the elevation changes.

Five separate forecast zones would cover this area much better than the one general forecast.

As a prognosticator I have seen Cloudless Snow, Sunny and warm over there and Thunderstorm with hail and dropping temperatures where I was.

4-6" of snow on the mountain and nothing in town, Snow banks and flurries here, and sunny warm with flowers blooming in another section of town.

Can it get weirder than this?    I expect so!  

Still I have done better without the "meteorologist" 

Thanks for allowing me to have my say.

The Ol' Prognosticator

visit: freehand-forecasting



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