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Jan 22-24 blizzard obs, tracking, nowcasting #2


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I cleared a spot on the deck @1:30 and just measured 5 inches there.   Some snow probably blew in, but it has been snowing with among the best rates of the storm the last couple of hours.


The spot that has been my average measurement for the storm and was tracking pretty well with other reports has 33", which roughly tracks, but just can't believe that total!  Took a few other trips around the yard and have between 27 and and 35.


Going to call it a nice even 30 and look for spotter reports :sled:  


Biggest storm in the 20 years I have lived here....and still going :)


12:45pm First Flakes

 4:30pm 2"

 7:00pm 3.5"

 8:00pm 3.8"

 9:30pm 5"

10:30pm 6"

12:00pm 7.75" 

 2:00am 9"

 7:30am 17"

 8:30am 20"

 9:30am 22"

10:30am 24.5"

 1:00pm 26"

 2:00pm 27" 

 4:00pm 30"

I could believe it.

I recorded 22-1/2" at 12:30 -- and that was on the side of my house and possibly shielded somewhat (wanted to measure in the backyard, but I couldn't get there!). We've had a couple of very heavy, sustained bands since.

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