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  1. 4 minutes ago, Rittenhouse said:


    Would prefer the Euro solution to last year's blizzard. Idk, last year's blizzard didn't feel as epic as the measurements made it seem. No thundersnow. Don't think Central Park even verified as a blizzard. This solution likely would. Didn't look as impressive the day after either...high ratio snow compresses very easily.


    well it was epic kennedy had 30 inches so it was not just a central park storm and the wind was strong in the morning tapered after that..it was a fluffy snow which i prefer to the heavy wet stuff :)

  2. 11 minutes ago, Stormlover74 said:

    New Euro add: "The latest euro run is much farther east and cuts snow totals by more than half. Is that your final answer? Of course not! And that is why you don't post snowfall maps of totals 3+ days in advance !!!!
    The internet is littered with them already. I have no problem showing you the model run numbers but it is just that...a computer's "thoughts" which can change run to run as new data is ingested."
    Meteorologist Craig Allen/Craig Allen On-Air Inc

    even dt is discounting this latest euro run...

  3. 47 minutes ago, EastonSN+ said:

    I hate the sips snowfall map for 96. Southwest CT had widespread 27 inch reports. This show up to 18 which is incorrect.

    nyc got just over 20 inches for the 1996 storms but many places got 10 inches more philly got over 30 inches places on long island had similar numbers.. but nyc only got just over 20 inches.. bad snow measuring anyone?

  4. 27 minutes ago, WeatherFeen2000 said:

    I don't see evidence that your climatological report is worth a penny to anyone. Are your snowman19? You're a joke my friend!

    you do realize that 2 years ago in nyc  for the month of feb nyc averaged 10 degrees normal ... and until last year in recent times feb been our snowiest month...oh btw we hit 2 below zero last feb as well.....

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