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  1. Please define disaster. Nice light snow in progress here.
  2. Not very often you lose a game with a 28 point lead in the second half.
  3. Narrowly avoided a retail disaster here. After killing 2 shopping weekends, the last thing we needed was 3 in a row. Granted, we have lost the Kansas and Oklahoma (and likely Missouri) visitors this weekend, but at least the locals can move around freely.
  4. Yeah, what is up with that? Now watch the Euro will phase everything perfectly right over us.
  5. Intense snowstorm at PHL-DET game, now on Fox. Amaziing, lol.
  6. Exactly! Looking at about an inch of sleet/snow, although nearby over the MO border, it is closer to 3". I guess the glass half full attitude works best!
  7. I would not be too concerned about specifics as this stage. As Steve Piltz said on FB yesterday, "the amounts in the Decision Support page are not important, what is important is that they are there at all". Having said that, I think those of us along the "412 Corridor" in Arkansas have to be liking the setup, and after 2012-3 believe we are quite quite overdue.
  8. Yes, what is it with the MCS highway running through S. MO on a daily basis? We get our hits, but not like the day in day out storms you guys get. I am trying to figure which model has the best handle on these nightly MCS events....I am thinking maybe the HRRR???? And as for Reid "saving" the Chiefs....that may take a while.
  9. Yep 77 degrees at 1pm....over 2" of rain this week,,,,this is more like it......will be gearing up to start mowing again soon.
  10. Well only .17 here That is about to change in a hurry as that bowing line approaches Carroll County.
  11. No doubt that will be hard on the nerves for everyone. Clearly the preparedness will be through the roof. I suppose there is some comfort in knowing that everything that can be done to keep people safe will be done.
  12. Dont worry they will be complaining about the heat soon enough. And yes Waterboy, wouldn't it be a riot if this was not only the season's biggest snow, but it eclipsed what has already fallen for the entire season? Of course that will not take a large hit to accomplish both, lol.
  13. Anyone want to bet on this actually happening?
  14. Thanks guys. Still waiting for the final nail in the drought coffin. The last 2 systems have been busts and this one keeps getting pared back rainwise as well. Now is the time of year to do it, I am in no mood for another summer like the last 2.
  15. Not much going on in the weather for a while, so here is tonight's sunset. That is the natural color from the camera, really amazing colors in the sky.
  16. Does the GFS do April Fools jokes? Look at this clown map for snow in Northern Arkansas on Wednesday, in the afternoon, no less.
  17. After watching storm complexes go north, go south, die out as they approach, and ramp up after passing overhead, we got about .25 for the entire 4 day rainy spell. That may not be totally accurate because birds perch on the rim of the collector, crapping and dropping shells into the where the rain goes into the tipping bucket. Who knows how much is soaked up by the gunk. So gross cleaning it out. Of course we almost encourage it by having a nearby bird feeder, lol
  18. If we don't get rain soon, this will go down as one the most spectacular rainfall busts I have seen in quite a while. As of Wednesday, both the WPC and TSA had us receiving over 1.5" of rain over through Sunday with lots of clouds. So far only .05", and both yesterday and Thursday were partly sunny and mild. Speaking of spectacular busts, what in the world happened to Kansas at the end of the game last night?
  19. Meanwhile, we continue to shoot the moon on snow accumulation. We have not managed an inch on any storm yet this year.
  20. Thanks guys. Was hoping these 2 systems would finish off what is left of the drought in our area. It may do so eventually, but we are not off to a good start on storm #1. Only about .20 so far,
  21. Not much at all on the ground, and nothing on pavements so far. But it did look cool at least during the brief burst of snow this afternoon.
  22. Don't give up yet Waterboy. Still a chance. Remember the 412 Storm, good things can happen to the 540 Corridor.