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  1. finally got a storm overhead. .71" of torrential rain, the temp was knocked down from 95 to 75, and the roof leak repair worked.
  2. another storm, another miss:
  3. on Thursday it rained so hard we had a roof leak. the roof was repaired on Friday. this is the closest we’ve gotten to rain since then.
  4. we had a warned storm pass through last night around 10 pm, so that's 2 warned storm days in a row. picked up 1.24" of must-needed rain in the last 48 hours and now LWX updated my forecast to reflect the unexpected pop up showers in the area.
  5. over an inch of rain in a half hour yesterday, ugh. it was weird because it was like a white out but the rain made virtually no noise.
  6. 76 for the overnight low is one of the warmest nights I can remember out here.
  7. overnight low was a surprising 64 after the storms. there are tons of small power outages in the eastern panhandle and most folks won’t get power restored until tomorrow.
  8. and now i’m under a severe thunderstorm watch. i want the rain so i don’t have to go outside and water the flowers. Severe Thunderstorm Watch SEVERE THUNDERSTORM WATCH OUTLINE UPDATE FOR WS 492 NWS STORM PREDICTION CENTER NORMAN OK 405 PM EDT SAT JUL 23 2022 SEVERE THUNDERSTORM WATCH 492 IS IN EFFECT UNTIL 900 PM EDT FOR THE FOLLOWING LOCATIONS WVC003-023-027-031-037-057-065-071-240100- /O.NEW.KWNS.SV.A.0492.220723T2005Z-220724T0100Z/ WV . WEST VIRGINIA COUNTIES INCLUDED ARE BERKELEY GRANT HAMPSHIRE HARDY JEFFERSON MINERAL MORGAN PENDLETON $$ ATTN...WFO...LWX...CTP...
  9. high of 94–first truly hot day in a while.
  10. .64” of rain and the temperature dropped almost 20 degrees to 72.
  11. round 2 underway now with very bright lightning.
  12. it’s raining so hard that i can’t see across the street and it’s so dark that the streetlights have come on. a little thunder but it was booming more before the rain started.
  13. i'm under a warning now. all the storms from the last few days have missed me. maybe i'll get some rain from this one.
  14. it thundered and lightninged for a few more hours, no rain, and then mammatus clouds in the back and front of the house at sunset:
  15. i'm under a warning but the storm slid by just to my south and east. there is a lot of lighting with it and while the storm is a mile away, the thunder is shaking the house anyway. barely any rain so I'll have to water the flowers, ugh.
  16. not even a half inch. we could use some real rain out here.
  17. the radar is interesting—there are band moving east and bands moving west passing through each other.
  18. gusty downpour underway
  19. 83/58 on the back deck. just a spectacular day.
  20. constant thunder to my north and NE. I decided to finish cooking dinner inside.
  21. hail put several hundred dents in my car and necessitated a new roof and several thousand dollars in water damage repair a few years ago. I'd have to be dumb to wish for that again.
  22. i’ve been hearing the thunder from this storm for the last half hour. i hope it misses me.
  23. according to the local Facebook account that monitors the emergency scanners there are lots of trees down in the western part of the county.
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