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  1. i’ve been hearing the thunder from this storm for the last half hour. i hope it misses me.
  2. according to the local Facebook account that monitors the emergency scanners there are lots of trees down in the western part of the county.
  3. storms moving straight south and now it's thundering.
  4. from our back deck, 6 years ago today:
  5. 90 minutes of thunder and lightning, 1.07” of rain and still falling, 75/72/76. the storm has blown up to my east and and the thunder is shaking the house. the sky is very bright and the lightning is still lighting up the inside of the house—this would have been a spectacular nighttime storm.
  6. no wind, no hail, lots of lightning and pouring rain.
  7. a bunch of storms converged overhead and now it’s pouring.
  8. the front of the house is bathed in sunlight, and the back of the house in under a very dark cloud with lots of thunder and lightning. 87/77/97.
  9. partly sunny and 68. gorgeous afternoon out on the deck.
  10. fwiw since i can’t read this stuff but HM gave me a head’s up for tonight on twitter:
  11. a low of 50. it felt great.
  12. thunderstorm underway. now the rain can cool off the outside of the house and the roof. just pouring rain right now.
  13. i am now hearing stragglers. yay!
  14. thanks! we were very lucky to get a coil from what our hvac guy told us.
  15. our a/c is being fixed as I type. the house has been in the high 80s the last few days.
  16. ours has been slowly leaking for a few years and they've been putting a few pounds of freon in every year, but when they filled it the last time it all leaked out in 2 days. the problem has been finding an interior coil. hope yours holds up for the summer!
  17. i did, lol, and of course, right? i'm rooting for storms for both days (it's beginning to cloud up here, so fingers crossed).
  18. 90 outside, 85 in my house. ugh.
  19. i'm not in the watch box but am now under a warning
  20. that's what i thought would happen--thanks for responding. and I thought I had put this in banter--oops.
  21. our a/c is out and it won’t be fixed until Thursday. has anyone ever used of of those desktop evaporative cooler things—not the big ones for a whole room but one that just cools the immediate area?
  22. 1.74” of rain from the storm. mostly cloudy now.
  23. gusty winds and torrential rain. power flickering over and over.
  24. currently 66/52. it's much better today in my still a/c-less house.
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