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  1. DT is dyslexic and we dyslexics process and display information in ways that make sense to us.
  2. as the board got bigger it was just unworkable. too many people unwilling to learn the lay of the land first and then just too much crap as the membership grew.
  3. yep. he apologized to me in a PM once he grew out of his weenie phase. I still miss finding out what new insults he'd come up with.
  4. before we had subforums, and we were all discussing the same storm in the same thread, my favorite thing was to warn the newbies that their behavior was going to get them weenie-tagged, so they would get even worse to try to prove me wrong, and then they'd end up weenie-tagged. the best nemesis I had was Tornado Tony because he'd come up with the most hilarious insults
  5. it was probably me (since I started harping on "read more, post less") back at Eastern but i am 100% sure I was not talking about you.
  6. because his project got postponed for a bit and he had time. back in Ye Olde Days we used to say that the Internet isn't "write only". if you had read the thread before you started posting you would have seen his post. alternatively, once you saw that he did have time to do a PBP, you could have just...stopped. there is no value to multiple PBPs if the main one is being done by someone knowledgeable.
  7. I'm with you--Mac Jones did great as a rookie, but the Pats are sitting home this month, it's way too cold outside, my yard is still full of snow from last week but I did just get back from the Keys and today my dad turns 84 and he is doing pretty well (and glad your dad's infection was caught in time). some people can't though. but until they admit they are depressed and need help to feel better, they're going to use snow as a way to act out here.
  8. Can you imagine the belief system it would take to think all this was an accident and not designed by a creator? yes. many Christian denominations recognize The Big Bang as truth.
  9. many here can't. being upset that it's going to snow somewhere else a manifestation of depression that needs attention.n it has always been this way here because that behavior is considered normal.
  10. https://webb.nasa.gov/content/observatory/sunshield.html
  11. hmmm. i got 16” and a blizzard warning in MRB. that’s a big difference.
  12. awesome! any progress on restricting a poster from accessing the reaction button?
  13. tbh, the people who have called you out have been pretty easy on you based on how things used to be here. and as the person who started to counsel newer posts to read more and post less, it's the best advice there is. start with the links people have given you and after that, ask questions and people will give you more information. if you show that you have started to do the homework people will be more motivated to work with you. I'm starting to hate winter more and more, but what I have found helpful to learn wrt snowstorms is how the storm's energy sets up so you can see how the model run shows how the storm will move and behave (for lack of a better word). learning about the upper air dynamics and also learning to read the various iterations of soundings will help you figure out if a storm is worth your time to track.
  14. are you 12 years old or something? (with sincere apologies to any 12 year olds posting here)
  15. ??? ????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????
  16. 1F for the low. coldest night so far this winter. thank God for gas furnaces.
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