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  1. it’s been thundering and lightning for a few hours now, with a brief heavy downpour. otherwise it’s just been light rain (i’m not complaining.).
  2. 49 for the low. excellent.
  3. huh? a thunderstorm is rolling in suddenly.
  4. .93” from the system. more than i expected to get.
  5. i’m going to be fringed by being on the west side of this storm. good.
  6. i’m on the the back edge of 2 big storms. tons of lightning and one really close strike. no wind and just a little rain.
  7. a gusty shower blew through and then blew up just to my north with booming thunder and non-stop lightning. it looks like flash bulbs going off.
  8. there are such articles. go look them up and read them.
  9. no agenda is needed, just basic critical thinking skills. any winter gains are more than offset by summer losses. i know you thought you had a really good GOTCHA!, huh?
  10. i just booked our flights to Key West for January. it’ll be our first vacation since January 2013.
  11. i am enjoying the cool drizzley day. currently 72. ahhhhh.
  12. an overnight low of 48. ahhhhhhhhh.
  13. i buy it since I don't use a lot of it and it's less work.
  14. 3.37” for the storm. we really needed the rain.
  15. since it's been in the 60s now (heavenly), I made some satay sauce from scratch. so tonight's dinner is chicken satay with riced cauliflower and broccoli roasted with sriracha.
  16. 1 torrential downpour and my total shot up to 3.00".
  17. torrential rain for 10 minutes, and that should be it for us out here I would think.
  18. 1.39" so far. no thunder or lightning or torrential downpours. I hope it stays this way for another few hours--we have been really dry out here.
  19. it’s so loud here at dusk that the birds have given up for now, lol.
  20. the dusk-singers have moved into our area. I have the same thing and it's not like it was in previous years. http://songsofinsects.com/cicadas/northern-dusk-singing-cicada
  21. we need the rain out here, but not the 4-6" i saw in my point and click this morning.
  22. the Ida thread in OT is less uptight.
  23. he called a NWS office far from where he lived once to tell them to issue a tornado warning. the weenie is strong with this one.
  24. first, obviously not a dude. second, you are mistaken and should drop this.
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