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  1. thunder and lightning woke me up at 7:30. it was like being back in Minneapolis.
  2. lots of pinging outside right now.
  3. huge winds all of a sudden with this line and a STW too.
  4. more thunder and lightning and heavy rain. no winds, though.
  5. thunder and lightning now ahead of the rain.
  6. it’s been hours of flurries now.
  7. the streamers have made it to my backyard.
  8. i think last night’s low of 11 is my coldest night so far this season. it feels colder because the gas furnace stopped working last night.
  9. 2nd round a little while ago and now all the yards are white.
  10. it was flurrying earlier in Winchester. a heavy squall as we drove home into the neighborhood dusted everything just now.
  11. football is marketed to adults. people upset about the half time show but not upset about how cheerleaders dress are missing that point. kids may like it but it’s not a Disney special, nor is it marketed as one.
  12. the super bowl is for adults.
  13. again, not family programming so your strawman is stupid.
  14. it wasn't family programming. it was entertainment for adults.
  15. lol. the super bowl isn't for kids.