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  1. i escaped the cold, dreary drizzle.
  2. 54 degrees and 1.6" of rain. miserable weather and it holds for days. happily we're headed to the Keys on Tuesday--perfect timing.
  3. i love the record and ID song function.
  4. i wasn’t expecting the forecast winds.
  5. summer 68/winter 62 here. 65 upstairs this morning--good sleeping weather.
  6. a low of 40 and the house is cold this morning.
  7. it’s here: https://southernmostpointwebcam.com/?utm_source=Fla-Keys.com&utm_medium=WebcamLink&utm_campaign=StreamingLink&utm_cam=southernmost-point we’re headed to Key West on Tuesday. i almost booked this week instead.
  8. i'm under a warned storm. so far heavy rain and thunder and lightning. this storm is definitely booking though.
  9. i’ve been wishing it west really hard so it doesn’t cancel our vacation.
  10. the low was 42 and the independent kitties who don’t need their peoples…got in bed with the peoples last night.
  11. 49 for the low. for some reason i’m sorry to see summer go this year. luckily we’re headed back to the Keys in a little over a week.
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