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  1. second dusting of the season.
  2. 20 which i think is the lowest so far for me. i’m so over this weather in autumn.
  3. just came home from Tysons Corner to find a dusting on cars and grass.
  4. 27, the coldest night so far this fall.
  5. frost on the car tops and tees, greens are just wet. 31 for the low.
  6. 35 for the low and the coldest night so far this fall.
  7. coldest night so far—a low of 37.
  8. the "both sides" stuff is bullshit. how is people responding with facts a problem?
  9. how is it a problem when people who rely on facts fall into that corner to combat lies?
  10. annoying idiots who don’t know when to STFU. HTH.
  11. for fork’s sake: it’s a satellite image from today with the previous coastline drawn over for context. how is there so much unchecked stupidity here?