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  1. i don’t believe that map—i always jackpot with coastals.
  2. a storm developed just to the east of me, as in 1-2 miles, and then drifted back over me and grew stronger. a little thunder, no wind, and 1.31" of rain today after .55" yesterday.
  3. it’s been thundering for 2 hours and yet with no storm overhead, the thunder just shook the house. .55” of steady moderate rain.
  4. it's hotter out here than it is at DCA: 98/68/104 I would bet Martinsburg airport hits 100 today.
  5. Martinsburg airport hit 99. i think that's a daily record.
  6. 98/65/101 really hot for my backyard.
  7. a thunderstorm is forming literally above my house--it's cloudy to my north and sunny to my south, gusty winds, and now a good downpour.
  8. I have to say that the nail-biting and the race to track heat record/heat waves at DCA is a real blast from the past. I am transported back to my Dupont Circle office, rapidly refreshing the DCA obs until they changed as the hour changed.
  9. 0.74", most of it against the front of the house.
  10. it’s been really dry at my house. windy torrential downpour underway.
  11. it's a famous line from a writer. a specific subset of people simply can never parse it, though. hmmm.
  12. you weirdos are obsessed. i have not insulted any of you. give it a rest.
  13. closest wx station says only .18" of rain which is wrong because of the winds. 25 degree temp drop since when the storm rolled in (95-->70).
  14. under the warned storm--tons of rain, some gusty winds, really loud thunder, and the brightest daytime lightning i've seen in a while.
  15. storms missed a few miles to the east yesterday, and now they're missing a few miles to the west today. on the other hand, I don't want flooding rains or severe wx.