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  1. 32 but no frost. the growing season seems to be over out here—so many vendors from the Charles Town farmers market posting pictures on social media of frozen plants after 3 nights of freezing temperatures.
  2. it had previously been a Freeze Warning but then was downgraded. a low of 38 here.
  3. the blue sky has returned!
  4. from LWX It is likely that smoke from wildfires out west continues to obscure what would otherwise be a vibrantly clear sky the next couple days.
  5. storms all around yesterday evening but no rain. right now I have dry conditions and filtered sunshine.
  6. i don’t believe that map—i always jackpot with coastals.
  7. a storm developed just to the east of me, as in 1-2 miles, and then drifted back over me and grew stronger. a little thunder, no wind, and 1.31" of rain today after .55" yesterday.
  8. it’s been thundering for 2 hours and yet with no storm overhead, the thunder just shook the house. .55” of steady moderate rain.
  9. it's hotter out here than it is at DCA: 98/68/104 I would bet Martinsburg airport hits 100 today.
  10. Martinsburg airport hit 99. i think that's a daily record.
  11. 98/65/101 really hot for my backyard.
  12. a thunderstorm is forming literally above my house--it's cloudy to my north and sunny to my south, gusty winds, and now a good downpour.