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  1. KMRB with an interhour low of 37.
  2. so far, a low of 39. good sleeping weather.
  3. they were referred to in the NYT story on Monday. it’s paywalled so here’s a story about it: https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.si.com/nfl/washingtonfootball/.amp/news/jon-gruden-resigns-from-raiders-topless-cheerleaders-scandal-washington-football-team-espn-news
  4. the topless photos he forced the cheerleaders to take which he then e-mailed them to Gruden is an issue that's not going to go away.
  5. storms constantly passing by but my yard is still dry.
  6. overnight low of 43. yay!
  7. nope. it’s way too early.
  8. it clouded over but now the sun is peaking out again. it's 65 out and it is amazing.
  9. a little over 3" for the storm. blue sky breaking out now.
  10. .59" so far. it really poured for a while.
  11. it’s been thundering and lightning for a few hours now, with a brief heavy downpour. otherwise it’s just been light rain (i’m not complaining.).
  12. 49 for the low. excellent.
  13. huh? a thunderstorm is rolling in suddenly.
  14. .93” from the system. more than i expected to get.
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