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  1. 1 minute ago, tavwtby said:

    nah, drove down there specifically to measure at the old place, just a tad over 6, although my BIL who lives up top of bunker hill, had close to 8.5, so maybe there was either a little elevation thing or some weird meso thing happening there... buddy in terryville also, about 7... seems like we'd have gotten more here if the growth was better, at 230 this morning it was absolutely ripping but putrid flakes, vis was below 1/4, woke back up at 5 and was less intense and similar flake size, hopefully start of a good run here, although I'll be heading to GA next Friday for a few weeks, so I'm going to miss bulk of winter.

    Wow, that's weird...yeah I'm in BH. The depth was 8.5" at noon. I slept through the whole thing lol. Have fun down south. I may be moving to Little Rock soon so, no more snow. :(

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  2. 31 minutes ago, tavwtby said:

    was just going to ask who came in the highest, don't like how they do the text bulletins now, unless they moved to a different place, used to be easy to read, highest to lowest per cty, had to skim through, seems like norfolk cty and windam cty got the goods for the most part, ended with 3.5" on the dot on the table, but old place in Waterbury had close to 6, more further SE into that fronto band. saw a report from I think killingly of 13.2? I don't remember if that's correct but that area had some 12+ totals

    Your old place must have had more than 6". I had about 10" and I'm on the NW side of town.

  3. 19 hours ago, CoastalWx said:

    They started hitting it harder that morning and afternoon. I mean by the noon cast they had to hit it harder since it flipped west of Boston already. Still not even close though lol. Hopefully the crowd on here that’s younger than 30yrs old can get something like that again. It’s just an all timer in so many ways. I don’t get bored talking about it to this day. 

    What was the total QPF from it at BOS and ORH?

  4. On 3/8/2021 at 3:20 PM, The 4 Seasons said:

    Marth 7-8th 2018.

    Light to moderate snow began during the day here. It was mostly white rain with less than <1" by sunset. I thought we would have a hard time with this in the lower elevation areas but that changed quickly after sunset. By the time i had less than an inch of white rain glop, @Sey-Mour Snow was closing in on 8.5" just to the west of me around 550ft. Shortly after sunset radar returns started rapidly deepening and we were under S+ with heavy 1-2"/rates. NWS issued an SPS for 1-3"/hr rates and possible thunder.



    At this point i went outside for a while and the snow was still coming down very heavily. I saw this huge white flash above my head and thought briefly it was a flood light turning on and then a second late a large summer-time convective clap follwed by even heavier rates. This was probably the most intense thunder snow ive seen since Feb 2001. As i was outside for a while i saw several more CG strikes and extemely loud thunder. The majority of the snow fell from 5-10PM and we ended up with 13.5". I imagine some of the rates reached up to 4"/hr during the period of thunder/lightning.

    Forecast for this was really really good but ended up being too low in W CT where some amounts ranged from 16-28". The ranges worked out perfect and the gradient from 0-2-->8-16 SE to W did as well.

    Which storm overperformed in '13-'14? I think it was in February...it was either in 2014 or 2015. I just remember it was sort of in two parts and the ULL snows overperformed quite a bit especially down your way.

  5. 4 minutes ago, Damage In Tolland said:

    Lol .. not you no. I didn’t mean you. The guilty know who they are. I was bullish on 4-8” statewide based on exactly what you just stated.  If one looked past snow maps and looked at fronto and forcing one could see that being signaled the last couple days. I thought the NAM (while having some high outputs) and the HREF mean showed the overall idea the best. These coastals almost always have that . I just think overall it was a pretty poor performance by the globals as a whole. I’m enjoying the beer out of this today! 

    Don't forget a horrific performance from the HRRR.

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  6. 1 minute ago, powderfreak said:

    :lol: Awesome.  So you get a SNINCR 1 for anything over 0.5"?  For some reason I thought you had to get to 1" or more to get that.  And 2" or more to get the 2, etc.  I just saw the depth go from 6 to 7 and then 7 to 8.

    It's 0.5" or more and the depth has to increase by a whole inch. So like if you got 0.6 and your depth went from 6.7 to 7.3 then  you wouldn't report it.

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  7. Just now, Damage In Tolland said:

    You’re not running anything that far north. I mean I suppose you could have a snow to ice deal but with everything else snow to the coast.. toss it until other stuff shows it. Nam does better with coastals qpf issues aside . This is just overrunning basically 

    Yeah I agree with you Kevin. I think the blocking should tend to keep things south of CT track wise. Should be a good refresher to prime for a bigger event at the end of the week.

  8. 3 hours ago, The 4 Seasons said:

    Agree 100%. Just to be clear, i said "in the cards"...def not my forecast or what im expecting atm. We're going in the right direction today and thats what matters right now.

    I'm becoming a real fan of the GFS16 this winter (Dec 16-17, Feb 1-2) and looking back at the past 4 runs or so its had the least dramatic swings at the sfc and H5 from other models ive seen.

    (Real quick plug, im working on updating the season-to-date snowfall map in CT, so this is for anyone who hasnt updated their new england snow page @Damage In Tolland @tavwtby @CT Valley Snowman @RUNNAWAYICEBERG @metagraphica @H2Otown_WX that would be very helpful to get it done. ty)


  9. 5 minutes ago, Greg said:



    6 minutes ago, The 4 Seasons said:

    lol is that a joke? i just meant taking measurements every hour, not clearing every hour.

    Just making sure...lol

  10. 2 minutes ago, RUNNAWAYICEBERG said:

    I noticed a grainy/sandy 1-2” top layer when I just shoveled. 

    Yeah, I saw it too, like graupel I guess. How much there now? I think I finally have a theory as to why I don't do so well. I get shadowed by Wolcott.

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