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  1. I talked to Boyle a bit about bufkit and he wasn't happy it wasn't taught in any of the classes. It actually could have tied in great in thermo when doing the cloud physics section
  2. I asked him once if he knew about it and if we could ever work with it and he said yeah I've used it. the computers in the weather center didn't even have bufkit...I had to send an email for it to happen.
  3. ahhh growth...that makes sense. I think I remember that the structure of it ties into where temperatures fall between -10C and -20C. I only learned about bufkit from was never once mentioned in any class. I agree...there should be a class devoted to bufkit...or at least included with Weather Analysis and Forecasting
  4. I always like to try to explain it when I do blog posts but I always feel like I'm explaining it incorrectly or confusing. What I sort of struggle with is the stricture of it I guess..and why the structure is the way it is...for example on the right side of the image the shape of the 10, 15, 20. I hate when you look at something and you understand the significance of it (so like I understand when you see omega and lower omega values within this zone...that is great for snow) but you don't know how to explain it and properly. I thought we would do stuff in school with bufkit...but nobody even really heard of it or used it lol
  5. Here is something I always forget...forget in the sense that I don't know how to explain it to others. It's regarding the snow growth overlay on bufkit. I understand the significant of the purple and yellow contours (which compose of the snow growth zone) but I don't know how to explain them. Each of those contours is temp right?
  6. I want to see saggy trees and hear transformers pop
  7. 12z GFS doesn't appear to be as robust with severe potential in the south...particularly around LA ughhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
  8. It happens quite a bit on twitter from hobbyists and I'm sure I've seen other meteorologists say it too lol. I want to count how many times I hear people say it this weekend...will be fun
  9. If you have at least some background of weather you should know not to make that's much more understandable for the general public to say that.
  10. I want to throw my phone everytime I see this mentioned on twitter. I think this is a good time for a twitter rant on this subject
  11. Where's @OceanStWx I actually don't know a whole lot about Mexican EML's but I think they're different than EML's originated in the southwest U.S. Obviously the processes are the same but I wonder what the differences are between Mexican EML and southwest US EML.
  12. Actually what could make things really interesting in the south is it looks like there is a pretty decent EML that advects in from the Mexican Plateau. Remember that sounding game we were playing months back? Time to play it again...that's a pretty solid sounding for December...anywhere in the country. Could be an early start to the severe Monday morning across LA...I could see tornadic supercells initiating quickly then becoming linear and producing a damaging squall line through TN and GA!!!!
  13. I'm pretty intrigued by the severe weather potential Monday....especially down in LA where initiation looks to chance for supercells initially...have to see how quickly the llvl flow backs.
  14. I think I may actually remember that...didn't that really crush Litchfield County and NW HFD cty? hey...that winter was solid...I think BDL had like 93''
  15. The cut-off was pretty crazy too...going from Branford to North Branford was nothing to ice on all the trees and wires
  16. CT just missed out in 2008. I don't remember the 2005 one...not sure why. The 2017 was pretty decent..wasn't far off from being a pretty significant deal. I remember the 1998 one quite well...that was fun
  17. I want a good ice storm. when was the last real damaging ice storm we had? Dec 08? But even down in CT...can't really remember anything significant since 98...although there might have been a decent one in 2002?
  18. I thought I read something a few months back that the initialization process on the 6z/18z (Euro) was slightly different than the 0z/ minor tweaks with parameterization. I'll have to see if I can find it.
  19. just slap on some green, crank open an IPA, and all it a day
  20. Do you know how warm BDL got Tuesday? I know it took a while for the warmer air to move up into that area. I think they finally pushed well into the 40's? But when I was getting home like 7:00ish there was some pretty damn dense fog. Then again...when you got like 15'' or whatever from a storm it takes a bit to melt...especially considering the fact that all the snow gets piled up further with snow removal
  21. I still have a decent snow depth in Windsor Locks...probably a good at least a good 6-8'' on the ground.
  22. Well I guess this is what happens with the vitamin D levels start getting low
  23. It will be fun to get to track some severe wx Monday!!!