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  1. Temp spiked to 40F around 530-600 but now down to 38.8/33.8, dews started dropping when the temp jumped. Was surprised the snow still has a hard crust, figured it would have softened up more, even with temps around 35 much of the day.
  2. Still wedged here at 35.6F, but Looks like ORH airport and SW parts of Holden are close to mid 40s now. Will see how much longer it holds. The snow from this morning still hasn’t melted off the car windshields and deck completely.
  3. Now down to 35.0F, after a high of 36.0 last hour.
  4. Cold air having a hard time getting dislodged, stuck in the mid 30s (35.8). Picked up 0.8” this morning but only a thin slushy covering left of that now with light rain.
  5. Shallow snow depth, the green is 24”+ This is the regular one
  6. Nice Job as always, For whatever reason some of the town placements seem a little off. I pulled this map from the NWS site this morning. I don’t think the snow got as far east as it shows in the map here though so your top one may be closer to accurate, snowfall wise.
  7. Thats a lot of shovel lines, impressive and the true sign of a weenie...Well that and running a wxstar 4000 simulator.
  8. Yesterdays snow put us over 67” on the year, It looks like the snow pack will slowly recede from here.
  9. Many stations around town hovering right at 32, coldest its been during the precip and ironically the only time its been raining.
  10. Picked up an inch before the change to rain. Still 32.5, its a shame it had to flip.
  11. S+ with 0.75” down now. 32.5. This is awesome.
  12. Pouring snow, nice flake size. Down another couple of tenths to 32.7F.
  13. Rates have improved here and with temp edging down our road and driveway got quickly covered. 32.9F
  14. Thanks for your thoughts. Good luck with the snow tomorrow.
  15. OK, to be clear, I wasnt talking military, but rather anyone, including someone like you. I dont understand how being outside isolated from others by considerable distance and having to wear a mask in this scenario, cuts back the cases or benefits anyone, which is why I asked. Wasn’t stating an opinion either way.
  16. Can you explain the scientific reasoning behind that?
  17. As of a couple of weeks ago, at US goverment facilities/bases masks are now required even if you are outside and.a mile away from the nearest person.
  18. I’m interested in trying these out, one for inside and outside, decent price point. Kind of annoying it doesnt run off batteries though. I wasnt aware they made these.
  19. Would be nice to get a few hours of heavy snow, I think this comes down to how heavy the rates are when it comes in, if its mostly moderate, it may turn out to be NBD except for Hunchies area picking up a couple inches . The map doesnt make a whole lot of sense with the comments in the AFD, must have low confidence.
  20. Sick - almost a foot for all of SNE, Too bad its all alone right now. Something to hope for at least.
  21. Isn’t your total almost 70”? That map looks pretty good for around here.