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  1. It matters if the policy decisions are based on cases in Massachusetts.
  2. From the article above, it says fully immunized, so assuming everyone vaccinated had completed the shots and waiting period - if the data is correct. From the same article.... When a vaccinated person gets infected with delta -- called a "breakthrough infection" -- "the level of virus in their nasopharynx is about 1,000 times higher than with the alpha variant," Fauci said in an interview Wednesday with MSNBC.
  3. Apparantly the CDC decision to remask the vaccinated was based on the Ptown data that Ginx mentioned. https://abcnews.go.com/Politics/cdc-mask-decision-stunning-findings-cape-cod-beach/story?id=79148102 As of Thursday, 882 people were tied to the Provincetown outbreak. Among those living in Massachusetts, 74% of them were fully immunized, yet officials said the vast majority were also reporting symptoms. Seven people were reported hospitalized. "What we've learned … is that when we examine the rare or breakthrough infections and we look at the amount of virus in those people, it is pretty similar to the amount of virus in unvaccinated people," she said.
  4. I havent seen that article but Out of curiousity, how many unvaccinated were tested compared with vaccinated and what percentage were showing symptoms? I would expect the data moving forward to be skewed if unvax need tests for work and vax do not.
  5. I saw a statement from an official early this afternoon saying they were planning to come out with updated guidance in the next few days. Sounds like there will be at least some changes soon, but it may not come until later this week.
  6. It seems like everyone who winds up on a ventilator has lasting impacts.
  7. Great show. Heard he collapsed on set and was taken to the hospital. Hopefully he is ok....
  8. Certain criteria must be met for the FDA to issue an emergency use authorization, including that no other viable approved treatments or products are available. If Ivermectin were considered viable then the current vaccine would not be allowed under emergency authorization. From what I have read there are external (out of US) studies, for example https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/33278625/ showing its viability but they arent valid for US approval because they were not conducted here.
  9. This is interesting. https://sacramento.cbslocal.com/2021/07/26/covid-vaccination-california-counties/ “A new analysis finds several counties with above-average vaccination rates also have higher COVID case rates, while case rates are falling in counties with below-average vaccination rates.”
  10. I smelled/noticed it last week in Devens but not really at home so may have been more location specific. Today is much more noticeable.
  11. Only time I experienced this was in Fairbanks and Denali AK. It was much worse there but still is interesting how bad it is today.
  12. Fresh air today but we could have used a little more temperature, sun or both. There were too many clouds. Looks nice on Buzzards Bay.
  13. Yeah I could see that happening easily. I dont think they will overlook a positive test - but they may not ask because they don’t care or want to know. That is a risky approach though.
  14. I think most people don’t care and want to avoid confrontation and/or ruin some family vacation. Dealing with the public in a normal time is already hard enough. You could always get unlucky if you run into the wrong person though. Also considering travelers have thousands on the line with an expensive vacation, they will take the tests beforehand to avoid losing everything. It is probably uncommon you run into someone trying to break the rules.
  15. It feels like an honor having UMB WX weenie you. Guy sits in his basement chucking weenies all day long. What a life!
  16. Yeah that looks bad. Interesting they say some places have had two months of rain in 2 days. Sounds similiar to places around SNE only we have had rain most every other day this month too.
  17. High of 67.6 on the day. I don’t mind the cool temps but was hoping for some warmth and lower % humidity to dry things out after all the rain.
  18. 65.5F and a cold soggy mess outside. We had some close lightning strikes yesterday, one that sounded like it was in the back yard. Scared the crap out of us with sizzling/crackling preceding the strike.
  19. We will be back! Thank you, I will reach out for sure next time. Always heard good things about RI beaches, glad we finally got down there.
  20. Funny you mention this. We spent most of the day at that beach yesterday, the waves were awesome and water was warm. Great beach. We spent the last two days in Mystic. It was our first trip to any of these places. I grew up on on the beach on the north shore but Misquamicut was reasonable price, great waves and warmer than Good Harbor.
  21. Raining now with thunder, what’s new!
  22. Feels like it’s always too hot or too cold this summer. Dews this year are out of control 79.5/74.6
  23. This is an interesting question and it looks like there was a study done on this. https://ams.confex.com/ams/91Annual/webprogram/Manuscript/Paper180673/5MALD-317-Lightning Safety-Open Field vs Forest-Paper.pdf The conclusion indicates that being in an open field may be safer, but since the difference is not statisically significant they are essentially the same risk. It also uses modeling to come to this conclusion which automatically makes it suspect IMO. So maybe doing nothing is the answer?
  24. We went with the kids to Santa’s village the last two years, Stayed in some excellent cabins nearby and combined with MWN activities (Flume Clark’s and Cog). They had so much fun my daughter was asking about going again this year. We have thought about Storyland but on the fence with what I have heard. Eventually will move onto Hershey, six flags and canobie as they get older. Probably would have fun with those even now though.
  25. Quick storm here. Not overly impressive but some thunder. Dropped the temp down to 75.
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