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  1. 5” , still snowing decently. Maybe squeeze out a few more tenths before it shuts off.
  2. ~ 4”, leafed norway behind the deck. The leaves on those trees are awful, never stop falling lol.
  3. 3.5”, cold day - 29.8. In a bit of a lull now relatively speaking
  4. Apple tree is taking on a serious bend. 3.2” now, exceeding expectations.
  5. Down to 29.8 now! kids loving the early snow. Roads are very slick already. Probably 1” eyeballing it.
  6. 30.4. Big drop in temp last 10 minutes. Blowing snow now with much lower visibility
  7. 32.4, coating starting to form on deck/car tops.
  8. These pictures are impressive, but we are forgetting the most important part of this event, Was it a boy or a girl?
  9. Even NWS is getting into the warm ground debate
  10. You have had a hot summer down there relative to most of us. Next few days should be nice though. Dews are still a lot more manageable then over the summer. 82/66 here.
  11. It looks like some of the forecast totals have come down out that way in colorado. I guess we will see what happens. It looked impressive in Wyoming. Great set of cams out west to follow these type of events. Weird to see a place like Aspen so much warmer then Denver given the elevation difference. Still 50F there