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  1. Snowing pretty good, 3/4” new. Ground was still mostly covered from a couple days ago before this.
  2. 1/4” down, Temperature dropped to 29F after the precip started.
  3. Solid for many, quite the gradient on the south and east sides.
  4. Was assuming sleet would be included in snowfall clown for this, but wasn’t thinking ice. Makes sense it would skew both however.
  5. For anyone interested, this was the Euro from last night. Still showing some decent ice in Berks and near Winchendon/Gardner. Nusiance ice down this way and into northern CT.
  6. Last winter was bad, and the best time to build snowpack and have it actually stick around is December and January, especially during the vacation period when people actually have the time to stay up for a storm without it impacting work and take our kids out and enjoy it. I dont think there is many of us that would prefer most of our snow heading into spring, hopefully we get some events rolling in January to lift everyones spirits.
  7. I think the Grinch combined with rain for the forseeable future makes this more mentally challenging, nothing to look forward to which goes a long way. The fast start is almost counter productive since it raises hopes for the season as well. There isnt much to look forward to up in ski country either, so no escape .
  8. 39, waiting for the warmth to flood in. Already in the upper 40s in the hills to the west of here.
  9. Nice man! Glad it seems like you are feeling better, You bring alot of winter optimism to this board.
  10. Not as much as Hubb, but still a nice wintery look out there as we roll into dark, 1.25” new
  11. About 9” on the ground here, 17F. Congrats to all with big totals, this has been a fun storm to track and watch unfold.
  12. 0.25” here today, maybe a little more on what’s left of the snowpack. Enough to give it a shiny coat and whiten the trees a bit.