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  1. Hiked Jack Frost after work on the way home yesterday. Auto Rd was still hopping. Enjoyable and quick hike, takes about an hour round trip.
  2. High of 71 after a low of 55. Beautiful day. Leaf drop definitely picking up around here.
  3. We were clouded in with a high of 63 on Sunday too. Starting to get some color here. Seems pretty normal.
  4. Coldest night of the year for the low on our hill , 46.2.
  5. Maybe he would have left anyways, but they could have worked harder to convince him to stay. Just my opinion.
  6. It’s a big hole without Brady. If he were on the team I would still predict a playoff run for them with that record. Pats really messed up letting him go.
  7. We picked up 0.72” with that line of rain moving through in pulses yesterday. It rained hard at times. The line was very thin so not surprising if there were big changes over short distances.
  8. 69.4 and saturated. We picked up some decent rain in that line as well. 0.51” on the day
  9. 85.5/74.6 Temp and dews both well ahead of yesterday. High was 86.5 yesterday and 84.4 on Tuesday. Going to be a scorcher.
  10. Impressive downpours earlier, Picked up 2.72”.
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