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  1. Radar image of the storm that gave us the hail yesterday. The nearby highway is I-190.
  2. We had some dime size hail with the storm last evening, possibly the largest hail we have seen here. Very brief though, lasted only a minute or so.
  3. What a crap day today, 56/55 with overcast skies. Drying out a bit finally.
  4. Nice day here, 61.9/39 with mostly sunny skies. Clouds have been decreasing some since the morning.
  5. Beautiful day. Not much warmer than yesterday but the air feels great. 63 with a dew of 35.
  6. 62/43 yesterday here, low of 41 last night. The next several days look really nice.
  7. Low of 37.6, 39 now. Hopefully last low in the 30s for the season.
  8. Ha, most of our potted plants are still in the basement. Even though we don’t radiate my wife loves her gardens. I do too for that matter, usually spread 12-14 yards of mulch yearly.
  9. Nice we don’t radiate here only had a low of 33.4. 36.5 now. Hopefully this is the end until next season.
  10. Thanks, it will be nice to get some warmer weather after this. But if its going to be cold, glad its snow vs rain for sure. Interesting weather day.
  11. Snow in the air almost all day today, a steady stream of snow squalls/graupel, amazing for mid afternoon in May.
  12. A couple more, took around 100 pics lol.
  13. I hiked Wachusett twice today, second time with the family. It was a really scenic walk with the snow falling and light accumulations. Not a lot of snow but the wind at the top was brutal with blowing snow, pretty neat for May 9th.
  14. The low was 34 here, 39 now. Tough to get freezes here.