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  1. It’s pronounced Nay-Tick, but I think that’s what you meant. I vaguely remember that report. Na works if you use the long sound for A.
  2. Picked up 0.60”, High of the day so far at 63.1F. Can’t wait to get some warmer and drier weather back.
  3. Good dose of rain overnight, 0.62” in the gauge this morning. 58.8.
  4. The breaks of sun earlier were short lived, back down to 64.6 and cloudy.
  5. We were hovering around 61 this morning before some peaks of sun developed and now 65.5 and mostly coudy. Feels nice after the last several days.
  6. 88.7 so far today, after a high of 90.0 yesterday and 88.0 on Saturday.
  7. I like those units but the window ones are so much more efficient. You can always use them as fans too. It took us like 10 minutes to install three window units lol. Not taking them out for a nice day though so I can see the portable ones being handy for that.
  8. It is definitely snow on the Stratton Cam. If you go back to 830pm on the cam before the sun set the ground and trees were already white with snow falling. Looks wild up there now. You can also see some snow mixing in at the base lodge.
  9. White Rain

    RIP James

    Tragic, RIP James. Much too young to go....
  10. I dropped a cell phone in a swimming pool in Costa Rica years ago. It took a couple of days but after about 100 failed attempts to turn on, it finally worked. I left it charging which you would think would be bad, but it surprisingly had no issues when it turned on. It was a Chlorine pool and went all the way to bottom. Don’t give up on it too soon, it may fix itself.
  11. 2.24” event total, It was a soaker with heavy downpours at times yesterday.
  12. These days digital trading cards through a platform like Topps have more value and are easier to trade than traditional cards in hand. Items in MMO video games also hold significant value to the point people can supplement their income on it if they know what they are doing.
  13. Really? We have them all over here and you are not that far. We are near the highway though so maybe that’s why.
  14. 65 for the high so far here, it was sunny earlier but it has been mostly cloudy since. Still feels nice.
  15. Stuck with clouds here and 51, hope they clear out. Was expecting a nice day.