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  1. 37.6 for the low here, up to 38.6 now. 30 down the hill in town.
  2. Coldest temp of the season this morning, 35.4*
  3. Winds are definitely strong this morning, yard is covered in leaves and some small branches down.
  4. 2.85” of rain for the event. 1.95” since midnight. Breezy but nothing out of the ordinary for wind.
  5. It looks like we will be sleeping through most of this event given the timing. Hopefully the winds work out. Good inversion going this morning. 40 for a low, 32 down the hill in town.
  6. I took some shots from near Clearview Farm in Sterling today - these are taken @630ft looking WNW. The hill nearest on the opposite side rises to 850 feet. In the background is Mt. Wachusett.
  7. We had mist most of the morning, but skies are brightening and things have dried out a bit, Up to 53F. It wasn't too bad being out in the weather this morning. I took a couple of Foliage shots this past Thursday.
  8. Another fine fall day 48.7 with Schlitz and giggles.The ground is soaked here, but just an occasional spit of drizzle.
  9. Warmer than yesterday morning here, 37.2 for the low. Up to 39 now. The 36.1 reading yesterday was the low for the season.
  10. Low of 36.1 here. 31 Down the hill in South Lancaster/Clinton after lows around 29.
  11. Enjoying some early fall heat down in nashville area, saw 98 on the car thermo today. more record heat tommorow. Pretty crazy for october.
  12. Another decent inversion this morning. 61.2 after a low of 58.5. Going to feel like summer today!
  13. 47 this morning at the house, 39 down the hill in town.
  14. 42.6 on our exposed hill, 35 down the hill at 500’ in town
  15. Perfect day out there, 70/53 with a breeze and plenty of sun. Just hit the Sterling Fair up, they do a nice job with it - lines were huge when we were leaving.