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  1. This is my personal experience with regards to chronic health issues, which I realize is a different context then a vaccine but it is very prevelant in that arena so to speak. In my experience it took multiple poor diagnosis and self advocacy to get to the bottom of it. When doctors do not believe you and you have hard to explain symptoms with no easily discoverable physical basis. This increases mental anquish so it is easy to misdiagnose. I think women are treated this way more frequently as they can be labeled as overly emotional. I acknowledge there is a placebo effect, but there are also many cases where people have unexplained symptoms that can actually be attributed to a real cause. They are misdiagnosed because the doctors don’t have answers and the patient may be seen as suffering mentally as well. I personally believe the mental diagnosis is over used to explain away the symptoms.
  2. Psychosomatic symptoms occur obviously, but I also think there is a rush to explain away symptoms that are hard to understand and put them into a box by labeling them this way. This occurs with chronic pain patients who have complex ailments/injuries that go years trying to find answers. Typically the answer in these cases are they are not pyschosomatic, which brings a great deal of frustration to the patient. I suspect the immune reponse has a lot to do with the stronger side effects being noted with patients that are on their second dose or previously had COVID. I find some of the recent stories regarding altering of women’s menstrual cycles after the vaccine interesting, is this brought on by stress, the nanoparticles in the vaccine or the known side effects of the shots including fever in some cases. It is certainly worth studying the impacts and assume they do matter at this stage, both short and long term. This is true of both the virus and the vaccines. https://www.theverge.com/2021/4/9/22374523/covid-vaccine-period-heavy-survey
  3. Strangely there are multiple definitions for what constitutes a mass shooting, but regardless of what criteria is used to define one, they make up a minute percentage of overall homicides and an even a smaller percentage when taking into account suicides/accidental deaths. They receive the overwhelming amount of press publicity which makes them appear to be a higher percentage than they are. Im not sure there is a good way to prevent them short of removing all guns from the country, which isn’t realistic. I doubt new laws would have any impact. Sad to hear about though.
  4. Yeah I know your comment was meant to be comical, that being said there are plenty of those narratives being pushed, that if something doesn’t happen to you immediately then you have nothing to worry about. There are plenty of historical examples of approved/experimental medications and vaccines that have been pulled after discovering they were not safe to all as claimed. I think its great the vaccines are out there and that anyone can recieve if they choose. I hope it alleviates the fears in some about the virus and provides needed protection to high risk groups and those that want it. What I am not ok with is experimental vax shaming of people who choose to wait and the concept that these people should be effectively banned from society (passports) based on their personal choice over an experimental vaccine.
  5. Folks holding off on the vaccine that are concerned with potential negative side effects are not worried about what happens in the next week or even months, but rather medium to long term impacts that may have been more adequately mitigated with a normal vaccine development timeline. My point is, this type of short term anecdote won’t alleviate any concerns in that regard for people worried about it.
  6. The articles/papers are certainly out there. I am sure most people would discredit them but they exist and not on the dark web. I use duckduckgo not google though so maybe that’s why.
  7. The conditions look terrible, they said they would push the snow around to fill in the gaps. Thats a laughable statement when you look at the cams. They still are reporting 40-45” base depth on their snow report! Berkshire East officially closed today, they were expecting snow apparantly but are getting rain. Looks even worse out there. Snapshot of the beginner trail. This one will not be opening.
  8. Nice squall, second one of the day but this one was impressive. Temp dropped 6F down to 30.9 in it. Still snowing but back up to 31.5.
  9. Low dews have really helped to preserve whats left of the snow around here. In our yard there areas of grass are showing and there places in the backyard where it is 7” deep still. a couple or our neighbors still have full cover. Kids are out in tees playing in the snow. Got to love it. 0
  10. Temp spiked to 40F around 530-600 but now down to 38.8/33.8, dews started dropping when the temp jumped. Was surprised the snow still has a hard crust, figured it would have softened up more, even with temps around 35 much of the day.
  11. Still wedged here at 35.6F, but Looks like ORH airport and SW parts of Holden are close to mid 40s now. Will see how much longer it holds. The snow from this morning still hasn’t melted off the car windshields and deck completely.
  12. Now down to 35.0F, after a high of 36.0 last hour.
  13. Cold air having a hard time getting dislodged, stuck in the mid 30s (35.8). Picked up 0.8” this morning but only a thin slushy covering left of that now with light rain.