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  1. Rain is coming down pretty good now. 38, Looks like we will get a net gainer anyways. 5” before the change over. This is what we have left.
  2. 5” really came down heavy last 2 hours. 31.6
  3. Close to 2”. 23.9, up from 20.8 at 210am.
  4. Not as much as some other places but still nice to get the first legit snow storm of the year. 5” OTG
  5. The snow here is suprisingly dense. Not fluff at all. Kids could made some nice snowballs actually. 27.3 which is the warmest its been, so im surprised.
  6. Nice additinal burst keeping things going. 5”
  7. Congrats to those under the heavy band. Looks sweet! 3.25”
  8. Same shot, Still Decked in ice this morning. Went for a drive through the hills around here yesterday and there were some really nice views. Cutoff is around 600ft for the remaining ice. 14.3 for the low last night.
  9. Cold tuck thus morning, 30.9. We hit 32.2 at the warmest. Sun peeking out making the ice look pretty nice on the trees.
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