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  1. It would appear that the consensus is becoming that of a second half winter. It won't take a whole lot to be warmer than last winter. In fact, I would wager just the presence of the sun would guarantee a winter warmer than the last two.
  2. I'm fine with some warmth in November but it had better be cooler by Thanksgiving. I don't know if it's a mental thing or how we vision the winter holidays in terms of environment or just memory as a child but something about it being sunny and 60 on Thanksgiving doesn't feel right and never has. Sunshine is fine, but I'd prefer the temperatures be a little cooler. It doesn't have to be cold like it was last year, nor does it have to snow the day before as it did last year. Actually, let me correct myself; it doesn't have to overproduce in snow in some places and totally bust in other places like it did last year. But I would like it to be brisk. "But of course that is just my opinion. I could be wrong."
  3. That was a snow weenie's best Christmas ever, in 2002. Foot of snow on Christmas Day is hard to top.
  4. Based on this post and this post alone, somebody in Pennsylvania sees 8-plus inches of rain.
  5. What's so crazy is that just a little west of here, nothing. You getting anything up there, MAG? There seems to be a real hole from Blair and Bedford county over to like Mifflin and Juniata that has missed out on just about every event this year, with exception to the November event. The difference between 6 inches and nothing in this one is just crazy.
  6. Your facebook is taking a pounding this morning. Tough way to make a living.
  7. DT should trademark the hell out of the *** NONSENSE ***. These tards look like even bigger ***holes than they are in real life when they try to be DT. At least DT knows what he's talking about.
  8. What a bunch of morons. Scheisskopf und Scheisskopf.
  9. Remember a couple of years ago when everybody blew a forecast in March on a monumental level? Much different scenario but that would kinda be funny to happen again.
  10. With the tricky nature of the forecast and the low temperatures right now, I wonder if we're looking at a horrible bust for this next one. If we get the 4-8 variety that CTP has warned us about: Awesome, now shut it down! If not, you're at a full count, bottom ninth with 2 outs and nobody on...
  11. Anything placed in Reading would be stolen in a week. I'm not saying Reading's a rough place. But Reading's the kind of town that when it hit you playing football, it went after your family next!
  12. I guess it's the size of some of those counties in NY that make it look larger?
  13. Binghamton's CWA is colossal. Can't they put an office in Utica or Syracuse or something?
  14. My God. is still a thing? I just had a rush of nostalgia for the early 2000s.
  15. Now imagine Keith Olbermann witnessing State Patty's Day after the war he waged on State College last weekend.
  16. Ahh yes, we're at that time of year when we all talk about the 93 storm and how the story hasn't changed one damn bit from how we told it last year. Here's mine: I was 8-years-old. It snowed. Alot. I loved it. coolstorybro.jpg
  17. Pretty sure Freddy wasn't addressing snow there...