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  1. New user for this storm lololol This may end up being weenie Jonestown. Edited for suicide reference, not mass murder
  2. I almost think we should lock it now, make a thread dedicated to this threat (because if this becomes a reality, were topping a thousand posts this week if the site doesnt crash, which it will) and lock that thread afterwards and finish the season fresh.
  3. It's as if the storms of the past are gathering their after-energies to build another in their image. I move that we name this threat "The Six Million Dollar Storm".
  4. This poster knows what they want. #GetAtomixWxontheShow
  5. Eastern 2/3 of Pennsylvania? Did I read that correct? That's roughly I-99 and east?
  6. I have to say, WGAL 8 has addressed the potential in probably the most responsible way for the "threat" being on the other side of the week. Very well done. I am incredibly interested to see if Weather World makes reference on tonight's broadcast.
  7. Cool story, Broseph Goebbels. Now call the radio show tomorrow night and tell them I want five minutes on the clock.
  8. If this completely falls apart I will throw myself off the bridge into the river.
  9. I think we can all agree 1.00 from I-99 east would constitute a big win for all.
  10. Ugh. Margusity has busted out his ridiculous Big Daddy hat. This is doomed to fail.
  11. The GEM is taking warmer temperatures into account?
  12. This forum needs the sign you see at Hersheypark and King's Dominion where they suggest you NOT ride the roller coaster if you have a bad heart.
  13. lol so many distinctions I always considered Franklin and Cumberland counties to be a part of the Cumberland Valley. I'd probably consider Franklin, Cumberland and most of Adams counties to be Cumberland Valley. LSV to me has always been Dauphin, Eastern Perry, York, Eastern Adams, Western Lancaster, Eastern Lebanon counties. Further to the north I would probably just classify as Middle Susquehanna Valley or Coal Country. Further to the west is probably Central Pennsylvania. I grew up in Huntingdon county which is directly south of CENTRE county and because of that, I never once considered Harrisburg, York, Lancaster as Central Pennsylvania lol
  14. Stop. Both of you just stop. That was the 18z GFS. If there's a model run that is useless outside of printing for toilet paper, right there it is. I'm not going to begin photoshopping horrible pictures of headstones and writing your screennames on them with marginal humor because you're panicking over the 18z Go **** Yourself model run. Give it a few days. If Euro and Euro Para start doing that, I'll be around with Jim Jones grape drank.
  15. 18z GFS reminds me of the sharp cutoff festivals we had in 2010
  16. Well, I don't know what to tell you. canderson already pointed out that we've lost our penis. Folks, I'm here all week. Tell the Radio Show I'm free every night after six.