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  1. Yup...looks like the transition wasn't modeled as well as it could have been but as I said earlier I'm not too worried.
  2. I think we'll be fine. Give it a few hours. RPM hinted at this as the low began cranking.
  3. 9:35am - snowfall begins 10:35am - 0.5" 11:35am - 1.25" 12:35pm - 2.5" 1:35pm - 3.0" 2:35pm - 3.25" 3:35pm - 4.0" cleared 5:00pm - 5.5"
  4. I think we'll be good on this front end stuff. Check out this beautiful loop: http://synoptic.envsci.rutgers.edu/site/radimg/anim_nrc.gif Moisture streaming up from the Atlantic. Transfer will be underway shortly. The question here is whether or not we get under the death band tomorrow morning. All of the models have it in the general vicinity of RIC but the meso models are a tad warmer than the globals.
  5. A little over 3" right now. Steady snow.
  6. This may be the weenie in me talking but I wouldn't worry too much about the NAM. It's been all over the place with whacky solutions and thermal profiles. Even Wes on the radio show said that it was sort of a crummy model. 12z GFS and RGEM look pretty good for the metro area. Anywhere from 2-2.5" QPF. 850 line approaches PTB but then backs off on both models. Not sure if there is a warm nose somewhere else though.
  7. Game time. http://imgur.com/a/k9tNp
  8. Euro puts out 24"+ for the entire Richmond metro, 24" for CHO and 22" for ROA. Sweet dreams everyone.
  9. Don't think we'll ever see anything like this again.
  10. These model runs are incredible. Never thought I'd ever see anything like it so close to a major event. What a time to be alive.
  11. Unfortunately many of us have migrated away from the boards over the years. For the most part we've landed in a Facebook group/chat that is very active. PM me if you live in the area and want details.
  12. Heavy sleet downtown. Changeover is imminent.
  13. 2:00 AM 0.6" 30° 3:00 AM 1.7" 30° 4:00 AM 3.0" 30° 5:00 AM 3.9" 30° 6:15 AM 5.1" 30° 8:15 AM 5.8" 30°
  14. This one looks to be a classic RIC<--->ORF special!
  15. For whatever reason, the total was not reported in the latest PIS. We'll have to wait for the CLI this evening.
  16. My final measurement puts me at 6.25" for the storm. I can't really say I'm all that disappointed, as I was expecting to be somewhere in the 6-10" range. The potential for more was certainly there, though. All in all, it's my first 6"+ event and fifth 4"+ event since February 2010.
  17. DT weather risk Want to punch him with my fist "Aleet, I swa tht thereat from 20 dyas out" With 10 call maps, not hard to predict any amount DC, trade us for Wes He truly is the best
  18. 1/17: 2.0" of heavy wet snow with thunder and lightning 1/24: Trace from a clipper 1/25: 1.25" from a clipper 3/6: 4.25" of heavy wet snow with thunder Season total: 7.5"
  19. Don S. predicted around 18-24" for RIC. Would have been a top 3 storm all-time here. I received 10-11" in the end...mixing during the night killed me.
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