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  1. Behaving as expected. Modeling has backed off somewhat the last couple of days and showing more of a stretched out system with no dominant center between the lower and mid Texas coast. At least there is a 'tropical' feel between the wave action and winds/cloud cover that is bringing some relief from the heat and eventual rain across parts of the area.

  2. 1 minute ago, dseagull said:

    The responses to my opinion speak volumes.  It was an OPINION.  If you wish to censor opinions, feel free to do so, but at least acknowledge that debate leads to progress.  Would it be fair to assume that you are progressive?  If you censor and ignore opposing viewpoints, how will you ever attain progress?   It is quite disturbing that you feel I am to be labeled a climate change denier.  I never denied climate change.  I simply deny that humans have any "real" effects on such.  I'll leave you guys to it.  Sorry for offering a professional perspective. 

    It had no business in the main thread.

    'Opinion' away in this thread.

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  3. From Brent Adair's FB (I'm hoping someone can falsify this statement, please):

    Just got information from a search team member in Pleasant Grove, AL....well built homes are no where to be found and people died in there basements. Some basements even damaged or "gone". This tornado may do things to the EF scale we never thought imaginable.

    Currently, my boss is looking for someone in Pleasant Grove...a long-time friend and colleague...who lived in Pleasant Grove and had a basement. No one he has talked to in BHM has heard anything from this person, but, if anyone heres anything that contradicts or verifies this statement, please let us know. Thanks.

    There is a chaser from Alabama named Brett Adair so I'm not sure if that statement is trying to be attributed to him. Quick glance at his pages doesn't show anything.

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