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  1. Just now, Chattownsnow said:

    Things are clearing out a decent bit to our west. I don’t know how well that translates further east but we get any kind of clearing or partly cloudy skies and I think everyone on the forum knows what that means. 

    That’s irrelevant. If you read the discussion from the SPC they specify that the warm air surging north would override the lack of sun heating. Honestly I don’t think the warm front makes it through TN and I don’t think we see much here. Now Alabama.... have fun

  2. 1 minute ago, olafminesaw said:

    If there's any consolation, it's that the primary threat area is centered over the least populous part of that region. Of course all those bigger cities in the moderate/enhanced are certainly quite at risk as well, but a silver lining nonetheless

    Also storms don’t follow lines on a map. Unfortunately if any of these storms do go tornadic then from what I am gathering they will be long trackers this may extend into the moderate zone especially.

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  3. 2 minutes ago, jaxjagman said:

    3kNAM is showing what Jeff said up above.The  OFB starts to work its way up from MS/AL.In the mean time a inverersion will be into place late morning into early afternoon,this inversion will break early afternoon and the storms should start to explode mid afternoon


    Do you think they extend that high end area any or do you feel like mostly TN will stay moderate risk?

  4. 6 minutes ago, VOLtage said:

    I’m wondering, if the current trends hold, more of East Tennessee could end up in an enhanced risk.

    Honestly I hope we wake up to lots of mess on the radar to hamper this event. This could be historic if this were to verify. Trust me you don’t want this to verify! 

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  5. After looking at several models it appears to me that both TN and AL are in the crosshairs for this system? My big question further north into TN based off the atmosphere being able to sufficiently recover. Those STP values are crazy high but does anyone else think they are a bit over done?

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