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  1. 1 hour ago, Minnesota_storms said:

    Now they have really upped the totals. At least it won't be very windy this storm. Winter Storm Warnings are now being issued.



    Yeah this is really trending in our direction quickly, definitely was surprised to see WSW hoisted when I woke up this morning. Unfortunately I’ll be out of town in Courtland MN for work through Thursday. 

  2. Trending nicely for a solid 3-5" here, maybe more as we've tended to over achieve as of late with some help from high ratios. Backyard snowpack has compacted down to around a foot, will be a nice refresh.

    3.9" for MSP to tie its snowiest February. I'll take the over.

  3. MSP was at 5.3” at noon. Hasn’t stopped snowing yet so it looks like we’ll be making a run at 6” or more. Models did not have a good handle on this system, after showing 8”+ totals for days they backed off significantly and it was looking like a mundane 2-4” February snow record is in serious jeopardy 

  4. 4.1" Tuesday evening

    6.8" last night and today. 

    Depth is ~11" IMBY, easily the deepest of the season. Had to feed my powder fever so went skiing this evening and saw lots of snowmobiles out as well. Up to this point we really hadn't had much of a natural base in this part of the state. The 6pm observation of 5.7" at MSP set the daily record for snowfall. I imagine the midnight observation will finish around 6"

    Definitely the best stretch of winter we've had this season. If you go back two weeks there is another 5" snowfall and a historic arctic blast to boot. 


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  5. Temperatures are beginning to fall, we are at 35F here with dense fog all day under the retreating snowpack. Paved surfaces (especially sidewalks) have stayed below freezing and have an “hoar frost” type frost on them. Pretty slick out there.

    Under a WWA for freezing rain tonight. Looks like around 0.1” but temperatures are retreating faster then antipated so might end up with more of a glaze then people realize leading to a terrible commute tomorrow. 

  6. Already up to -26F under brilliant sunshine. Record low max is -19 so we probably won’t break that. Went for a short walk, I live near a large park and lake so usually scores of people are out and about. I’ve never seen it so dead before, oh and my salty tears froze to my eyelashes. 

  7. -25 with a -55 windchill. Went outside for a few minutes, didn’t take long at all to feel cold with 3 layers on. It just goes right through you. My exposed face was very uncomfortable facing the wind immediately, I could tell that I’d have big problems if outside for 10 minutes or more. It’s dangerous out there right now. 

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