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  1. 3 hours ago, magpiemaniac said:

    Over the summer, I moved from 3+ miles west of downtown GSO to 10+ miles north of downtown GSO.  I might have increased my odds slightly for higher accumulations all things being equal.  :D

    I like that we already have fantasy snows to discuss this early in November.  I think we can all cash in at least once this coming season.

    Dang man, ya left us hanging over here in Kvegas!  Now its just me and TarheelWx.  You go to Reidsville?

  2. Early November and we are acting like rookies instead of the seasoned veterans we are.  C'mon team, don't let Lucy yank that ball away again.  Walk away with your heads held high.  Don't be Charlie Brown and look over your shoulder to see her little smiley GFS loving self sitting there holding the ball.  It's November for Pete's sake....now act like it!!

    So how far is that field goal Charlie Brown? :lol:

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  3. Let it be noted that Josh M is the owner of the first official "BOOM!" of the 2019/2020 winter season.  Marking Nov 3rd as the date.

    Congrats Josh!  You now own the winter.  Its on you friend!  Only JBurns can remove that curse from you but he wont until he receives at least 1 Big Dog and snow Christmas Eve.  So get busy.  :P:snowing: 

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  4. I was just wondering the same thing....why no watches with this???  Especially on Halloween. Folks in my neighborhood are oblivious to the weather and are losing their minds about Kernersville moving to tomorrow night.  You would think RAH or Blacksburg would err on the side of caution here?


    Edit - I stand corrected.  I see the Tornado Watch issued for border counties north.  I'll assume RAH is evaluating.

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  5. We really need to get some met commentary in here.  Radar is showing a much stronger front thump developing with (maybe) a look of a few discrete cells out ahead of the main line?  Somebody posted the HRRR forecasted rotation tracks earlier and this event could get out of hand really quick if that proves true.  

    Way above my pay grade here.  Would love some pro comments as folks will be headed outside as soon as 3 hours from now.  (Stubborn folks that balk at moving to Friday but think they will walk their 3 year olds in a driving rain)  Grrrr....

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  6. Looking at sun now in the triad and up to 76°.  Not a good precursor for an already unstable situation later today.  Mountain folks talking flurries on the back end tonight.  Some big changes ahead in the next 8 hours or so.

    Edit - 78°  sun doing the dirty work.

  7. We just had about 10 minutes of sun here in the Triad too.  Got real uncomfortable and Julyish real quick.  Hoping we dont end up with more of that this afternoon.  Does anyone have the forecasted Capes across NC for trick or treating hours?  I need a mobile friendly link if available.

  8. 51 minutes ago, Buckethead said:

    A breezy 31° this morning at 4400' in Wolf.

    I can imagine the smell of those woodfired stoves across the valleys.  So jealous. 

    Made it to 43° here in the Triad.  Going to be an absolutely amazing day.

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  9. It wont go away!  Simply amazing that we continue to creep towards the 80° mark in the triad again this week.  Hoping the midweek cool down is the final nail in the coffin for the summer.  Finally seeing a an overnight 30s coming up at the farm in Stuart later this week.

    Right at .40" this weekend with a lot of drizzle on top of that.  One more round would be a huge help with the lawn seeding.