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  1. Can somebody provide a little hope here?  Anything showing a short range trend of less than 88° and 88% humidity would be acceptable.  I'm headed off to research when the avg summer hi temps start dropping.  I think it might be in the next couple of weeks, thank God.  At least my annual "leaves off the trees" fall countdown is now down to 13 weeks.  Fall will not be denied this year!

    Edit - August 1st hi/lo is 88/68 for the triad.  Daily averages start dropping August 2nd.  By August 30th the hi/lo is 83/63.  

    Bring on September!

  2. Wow, 2 days in a row with thunderstorms like the good old days.  Huge, crackling lightning, brutal winds and torrential rains.  Good stuff.....except the part about the massive tree damage, blocked roads and I still have no idea where my two deck umbrellas are.  May need to fly the drone to find them!

  3. 2 hours ago, jburns said:

    An engine block heater might be he solution.

    And a heated blanket or two.  And a generator.  Maybe a pellet stove or a solar solution for heat.  You can survive the heat.  You cant survive the cold, especially with no power and secondary heat source.  You're gonna freeze your rocks off Mack!

  4. 3 hours ago, Iceagewhereartthou said:

    Pretty cool man. I'm definitely going to be jealous of all your cold and snow! Saw in Jan 19 their monthly temp average was a balmy 15 degrees with one day having a high of -16! You'll be laughing your way to the sled while we're sitting at 65 hoping or a front to bring us a flurry. :cry:

    Or.....we all realize that Mack was the curse of the SE forum and his departure brings a 10 year run of 20+ inch snowfalls and below normal temps, including 6" of snow on Christmas eve.  Meanwhile in Iowa they're playing golf in January and rejoicing in the growing season being extended for 2 months.

    Thanks Mack! ^_^

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  5. 12 hours ago, mackerel_sky said:

    I’ve waited 40 years to be N of 85! Go big or go home! :)

    You'll spend a lot of time up in Wisconsin.  Those weekend strolls over to Madison and up to Wisconsin Dells will be amazing.  Hope you like camping and fishing.  Definitely an outdoor sportsmans paradise.  

  6. We are being forced to choose between 70°, dark and drizzly for days on end or a heatwave and drought.  This switch is gonna flip later in June and we'll be begging for a break.  2020 weather is about as bad as the rest of the year so far.

    Can we please dial up a week of 80°, sunshine, low humidity and a 10mph breeze?  This current pattern is just wrong.  

  7. I'm seriously going postal if it stays cloudy / rainy into next week.  Look for me on the 11 oclock news next Thursday night.  I'll give a shoutout to the SE forum as they handcuff me.  

    It looked like a tornado went through my farm in Stuart last night.  The amount of tree debris, downed trees and broken limbs was amazing.  Dan River had some white caps on the ride home this afternoon.  

  8. The persistent wind gusts are impressive.  Really doing a fine job of clearing out weak trees and dead branches.  Had a widowmaker fall in the back yard.  Trees are bouncing on power lines somewhere close by.  Where was this cutoff low in January??

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  9. Ok, well that was a fine wake up call in Kernersville.  Whatever that was that went by just to my SW was in a big freaking hurry.  Phone and lightning woke me up at the same time.  There was no warning at all when these storms are moving at 70mph.  Probably why FFC couldnt get ahead of the GA storms earlier this evening.

  10. 11 minutes ago, cheese007 said:

    Brad's stream giving me chills.

    Brad's driving is giving me the chills.  Giving chasers a bad name and supporting an unfortunate reputation.  Driving the wrong way down a 4 lane divided highway?  C'mon Brad.

  11. 50s and 60s starting Sunday will keep the grass growing all the way to the VA border.  I already mowed once last weekend!  So for most of the forum spring is springing, crickets may already be chirping and this winter is in the books.  I saw snow twice and they were both low impact events.  I would rate that a C+ on the type of winter I wanted to see and a solid F on what was forecasted for the triad.