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  1. 7 minutes ago, thess said:


    That must be what got me, I'm sure I'm less than a mile from you (in a complex near the dumb little gas station that everyone blocks traffic trying to get into, 54/barbee). Isn't there a big power station on 54/55 too?

    Our complex now has a creek running through it that didn't used to be there. Still raining here, it had died down for a while. Sirens pretty much nonstop.


    Yeah same here we had a little River flowing through area by our building , what complex are you in? We're over at the Arboretum apartments. 

  2. Just now, thess said:

    Still dark in Southpoint Durham, occasional sirens. Don't drive, guys.

    The significant other doesn't care much about weather, and he thought I was being alarmist when I started charging up all the devices / battery packs / etc earlier.

    Yeah, live in a complex by intersection of 55 and 54, went out to grab dinner real quick and came back to power lines down by the Mr Tire on 54.

    That Creek that runs under 54 between the chick fil a and Mr tire was an absolute river earlier.