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  1. 5 hours ago, pasnownut said:

    Its just awesome to be away from the oven.  Looks like nice stretch of autumnal weather coming up.  

    Went down on bike to OC MD for anniversary weekend with wife and another couple and my face is rather windburnt.  Wind was crazy for a rather long duration.  Outside of that, it was great to be chilly for once.

    There was a Corvette show going on.  Pretty cool to see them rumble up the boardwalk.

    I run away from OCMD as fast as I can during the summer but this is a great time of the year to be there. Nice weather + no crowds = win. 

    @canderson I love me a good rainy day. Now if I can pick and choose I'd much prefer it to happen during the week and not on Sunday. My wife and I didn't get our river trail walk in yesterday. 

  2. 10 hours ago, pasnownut said:

    Per GEFS, only concern i have is that upper levels have warmed at 500 from a few days ago, and surface doesnt quite match up to me, so one of them is going to bust.  I'll root on the 850's over the 500's for the win, but logic says that 500's may be closer to right, and if so, i hate to say it, but CTP could be onto something.  Regardless, verbatim the warming looks normalish for Oct., so its still better than this crap.



    One thing I've noticed for many years and I think it's more than just me being a weenie - regardless of the season, cool downs almost always seem to be muted as the days approach until the cool air arrives. That honestly never seems to happen when it comes to heat. Why is that? 

  3. 1 hour ago, sauss06 said:

    as much as i enjoy summer, heat, cold drink and the pool, i''m ready for this shit to get the flock outta here. High 65 on Friday, low 43? i'm in, all in!

    Got up to 87 yesterday and I'm figuring today we'll add a few degrees on to that. This can't end soon enough brother. 

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  4. 4 hours ago, daxx said:

    We will see some warm days but persistent warmth is looking less and less likely.  After tomorrow's heat I think most of us on here will be happy. 

    I'm ready! I cannot believe how much warm it's gotten since I left for work this morning. This sucks. One more day...

  5. 1 hour ago, pasnownut said:

    just saw a vid on Social Media and wowzers.  Thats just a hum dinger of a storm.

    Next weekend cant come soon enough. 

    FIrst sniff of leaves while out on the bike w/ my wife today.  Its the small things that sometimes make one happy.  That made me happy.



    I'm weird like this, but I'm happy that it's getting dark earlier and earlier. Can't get a big dump of snow until we're dark around dinner time. 

  6. 2 hours ago, sauss06 said:

    Damn work is getting involved with my weather life :wacko: But I'm good, thanks for asking. i worked 14 straight 10 hour days, had off Sunday the 22nd. I'm off 1/2 day today and i'm already over 50 hours. I'm tired

    I was doing way too much of that over the summer. Hope to never again...we're getting too old for this kind of nonsense. :) 

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  7. 1 hour ago, Superstorm said:

    Gonna be a shock to system to go from a high of 90F to a high of 60F in just a couple days.


    That's one thing that seems to be missing during the winter. I remember back when I was younger there were arctic fronts where it would go from 40 to 10 in a matter of hours. We don't seem to get those kind of temperature swings any longer. 

  8. 45 minutes ago, Superstorm said:

    It’s warm out, but no where near humidity levels of Mid July or August. Breeze feels good, especially in the shade.


    Correct, but there was a noticeable haze on the western horizon at sunset last night. The sky did look more like summer than it did earlier in the week. 

  9. 2 hours ago, canderson said:

    It's the first day of fall and it feels identical to mid July. 

    And the sky looks like summer. There was a huge difference comparing sunsets from the middle of last week to Saturday and especially Sunday nights. Lot more haze in the air, my wife and I were out walking last evening and she said it looked like an August evening. I was proud of her for that recognition. :) 

  10. 33 minutes ago, pasnownut said:

    absolutely.  No need to waste a good pattern/cold until it really can work for us.

    Something i'm playing with in my mind is watching the forcing between the arctic domains vs Enso/Equatorial regions as low sea ice continues to be something to watch in the coming years. Cant help but think that low ice could play an effect on polar regions indicies being less forceful as a result.  While i realize it only has to be cold enough to snow, when polar regions are warming, the amount of cold in polar regions has to play into the cards somehow, with areas in between being the ones most notably affected, and the time it takes to manufacture enough cold to be able to affect our region favorably has me wondering.  Hope my theory makes sense.  

    Might that have something to do with Alaska (Anchorage in particular) having it's hottest summer ever? For the first time in recorded history the city of Anchorage reached 90 degrees this summer. Think I also read that 68% of the days in June, July and August were above normal.