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  1. Louisville currently blow-torching at 63 degrees. The record high for Christmas is 68 degrees. That record could fall Wednesday. Looking at the visible satellite, the snow pack from last week's storm across central Illinois and Indiana is trying desperately to hang on.
  2. Louisville started October with record heat in the upper 90's and a severe drought and is finishing the month with snowflakes flying after several drought busting heavy rain events.
  3. Yes, those of us outside of the affected areas would love to see snow photos, especially with autumn colors still on display. And maybe some Halloween pumpkins / decorations covered in snow.
  4. Drought buster underway in Kentucky after a record dry spell... finally. Rained just over an inch at my location in less than a half hour and every single drop soaked in to the parched ground.
  5. Large part of Kentucky now in a severe to even extreme drought conditions. Huge field / grass fire near Lexington, KY this afternoon. Louisville set another record high today. 3 for the 3 for October. The 10th record high temperature set in the past 23 days.
  6. Back in June everyone here was complaining about the excessive rain thus far this year and last year. Then come July the shift began. Now, I think most people would love just to see a rainy day. Worst drought in north-central KY since 1999, maybe even worse in the very short term.
  7. This map is fascinating for the past month. Northern IL, southeast IA, and southern WI at 300-500% of normal precipitation while most of KY is at less than 10% and some less than 5%. I'm guessing some of the those areas in IL, IA, and WI saw more than 12 inches of rain in September with October starting off wet, while many areas of KY have not had measurable precipitation in 5 weeks. What a stark contrast over just a few hundred miles distance.
  8. Louisville, Lexington, and Bowling Green, KY have already set new all-time October high temperature records. Tomorrow offers a good chance to break it again.
  9. That run of the Euro would be a godsend for the OV with widespread 2-5 inches of rain. A true drought buster, not to mention the chilly temps it would bring.
  10. Louisville has officially hit 98 degrees, breaking the old record by 4 degrees. Fortunately, dewpoints are only in the mid 60's thanks partly to the parched earth, but it's still disgustingly hot.
  11. Thanks for posting that. Today and tomorrow will hit 95 as well. In fact, record highs 2 of the last 3 days (today's record of 99 won't be broken) and likely record highs the next 3 days. I think Louisville has set new record highs on 8 days this month and a couple of record high minimums. And of course this will be the driest September on record and also the driest month on record. So a historic, record breaking September of weather (or lack thereof) in the lower OV. October will start out record breaking, but the models seem to be pointing to much cooler and potentially wetter times ahead by the middle of October. Let's hope.
  12. There are some rumblings from some local TV mets in Louisville that the high temperature may hit 100 here Tuesday and Wednesday. It's never come close to reaching 100 degrees in Louisville in October (all-time October record is 93 degrees). Yikes. Scary stuff to put into perspective.
  13. Short-term dryness / drought continues to expand across the extreme lower Great Lakes and the Ohio Valley. 75% of Indiana is now either abnormally dry or in moderate drought. 65% of Ohio. 95% of Kentucky, with severe drought now showing up across north-central and eastern KY. September is all but certain now to go down as the driest September on record in all of KY, and in many locations will go down as the driest month ever on record. The month is also guaranteed to be the hottest September on record. Louisville currently has seen 18 days in the 90's, and the last 4 days of the month will hit the 90's with record highs likely the last 3 days of the month. With temps well into the 90's to start October, the all-time October high of 93 in Louisville is in serious jeopardy. Heat combined with drought has to be the worst type of weather. Just miserable. https://droughtmonitor.unl.edu/CurrentMap/StateDroughtMonitor.aspx?Midwest
  14. Louisville received a soaking 0.04" of rain overnight, keeping this month from going into the record books with a big goose egg for precipitation total. Still on track for the driest (and hottest) September on record (record is 0.12" in 2010).
  15. Most of the southern half of IN, southwest OH, and all of KY are experiencing extreme dryness right now. The only thing keeping this drought from being far worse right now is the fact the first half of the year was very wet. But even with that, if this dry pattern continues deep into October, most of the region will fall into severe short-term drought status.