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  1. I agree. I don’t wear a mask at all times. But I have no problem wearing one if required or a rule of a business or community. I don’t feel like my freedoms are being stepped on in anyway by having to wear a mask. It’s not that big of a deal to wear one and I also think it shows common courtesy, especially to the older folks in places like grocery stores.
  2. Tolerant, yes. But common sense also has to play a role. The past few months, as tough as its been for many, has been common sense at play. But sadly it has been made political. We are dealing with a new virus we're still not sure how many people it can infect and kill. Playing it safe is common sense. It's like going to your basement when a tornado warning is issued for your county. Your odds are pretty small that the tornado will hit your house, but what if it did and you refused to go to your basement? That lack of common sense could have cost you and your family their lives. Yes, we have many great freedoms here in the US, freedoms we don't want to lose. But how is following the rules and wearing a face mask any different than following the rules and, for example, wearing clothes in public? How many people are protesting because they aren't free to walk around naked in public? None? Why? Because it's an established rule of society. So for anyone complaining about having to wear a face mask or get a test or a vaccine, this isn't your freedoms being taken away, this is simply how a civilized and empathetic society functions (or should).
  3. People can continue on with life just fine wearing a mask in public places, if need be, especially when it’s done out of common courtesy for fellow man. Even with the strict lockdowns, most people were still free. I know I was, even in my state were the governor was hung in effigy by the 3 percenters who felt slighted because of restrictions. So what, people couldn’t hit a bar, go to a movie, or travel for a few months. The horror. I really wasn’t too upset I was “inconvenienced” for a few months. Sh*t happens, life goes on. We learn from it. It’s just in today’s world some people throw hissy fits when they feel cheated in someway. We live in a country that already has many rules and laws in place to keep order and obedience. What’s a few more, like wearing a mask and getting tested, in the short-term to combat a virus we are still learning about?
  4. I agree. If wearing a mask is such a crime against the constitution as it's taking away one's freedom and liberty (as these people seem to suggest), then this thing is never going away. Indeed, these are the same people who will refuse a test and a vaccine because it is violating their freedoms. I swear, I think some of these people would rather die from the virus then be forced into complying with short-term rules. These people need to quit the whole self-entitlement bs. They're not special, nor immune to the consequences of ignoring rules.
  5. Going to be interesting how the next 4 weeks go nationwide now that most areas are opening back up (and obviously some people are giving the middle finger to wearing a mask / practicing social distancing). Hopefully, a rapid increase in new cases doesn’t come and we can start to breath easier (for now). Let’s also not forget, still so much about the virus we don’t know as it’s still so new. Now is not the time to be saying “fu*k it, I’ll take my chances because I’m bored being stuck at home.”
  6. South Carolina has more positive cases and deaths than Kentucky. SC also relaxed their lockdown rules much earlier. KY just started this week “opening” things up. The governor here in KY (who is a Democrat) never shut down carry out from restaurants, nor golf courses, so really not much different here than what SC had in place about a month ago. We could of played a round of golf and gone ate BBQ, too, during the “lockdown.” And it’s been a cool weather pattern here the past month. Despite the cool temperatures / dreary weather, cases have been gradually declining here, no doubt thanks to the stricter rules. So really, SC hasn’t done anything special. And who really knows how hot weather will affect the virus as most of the country has yet to experience the prolonged heat that comes with deep summer.
  7. 676 new positives and 48 deaths today. Where are the majority of these numbers coming from? Indianapolis, still? That's 676 people who could have been spreading the virus over the past few weeks as things in the state have slowly been opening up. On the flip side, Kentucky's numbers have yet to come close to anything like in Indiana, and the state has also been slower to open up. Barber shops / beauty salons still aren't open here in KY, but they do reopen Monday. Going to be a mad rush at these places! Btw, restaurants still aren't opening up here, but will soon at only 1/3 normal capacity.
  8. Indiana reported almost 600 new cases and 38 new deaths today. These numbers haven't shown much of a decline the past few weeks. Maybe everyone is just getting use to the numbers and not as concerned as a month ago, even as everything is opening back up?
  9. Because some people are just shit. Ever heard the heavy-metal band Slipknot’s song People=Shit? Very appropriate for anyone who would heckle an elderly person. As far as the anti-mask crowd, they need to grow up and quit crying about their constitutional rights being stepped on. Poor babies. Senator Rand Paul of KY, a doctor by the way, is refusing to wear a mask. I guess since he’s had and recovered from the virus, he’s probably immune, but he could set the proper example by still wearing one. It’s basically a political move to kiss the behind of his redneck constituents who elected him. But a doctor downplaying face masks is irresponsible.
  10. I both agree and disagree. Of course the media overhypes just about everything because that brings good ratings. It's just what they do. But I don't think the health care system, doctors, scientists, etc, have been overhyping it. They have approached it with more of a common sense approach since we are dealing with a new virus that we have no clue what kind of potential long-term circumstances we may be dealing with. The politicians... well, they should all simply follow the advice of the medical experts, and not give in to pressure from their respective parties when making community based decisions, but that's never going to happen in this country. I don't believe covid is more deadly than the flu, it is just far more contagious thus many more people can potentially catch it and thus die. If you are generally in very poor health from lifestyle choices or have a severely compromised immune system, odds are not in your favor of surviving either a severe case of covid or the flu. Plus, without a vaccine for covid, there is even more incentive to err on the side of caution right now.
  11. According to the article on CNN.com, all 2000 employees at the plant were offered testing after it was made available to them by a partnership between the state health department and the local health department. There are obvious gaps in the news story as it never does mention if anyone was ever sick early on.
  12. 373 employees at Triumph Foods (pork processing) in Missouri have tested positive but none are exhibiting any symptoms. You would think at least a few would be exhibiting some symptoms, no? The million dollar question continues to be just how many people in the US and worldwide have already been exposed to Covid and would have tested positive at some point over the past few months despite being asymptomatic? There's some serious holes in the data that need to be filled in order to truly understand the extent of the virus. Again, if testing was more readily available, in other words if every single person could get tested or get an accurate antibody test, only then can we fill these holes and not guess or rely on computer models.
  13. It’s simply a re-election campaign ploy by the current administration. 100 million vaccines ready by November just in time for the election... hmmm. Scientific logic says that going from no vaccine for a new virus to vaccinating basically the entire US population against said new virus in less than a year is impossible, not to mention probably not safe.
  14. According to the White House’s “Operation Warp Speed,” a vaccine will be ready this fall with 100 million doses in November, 200 million in December, and 300 million in January, so a year from now this will all be a distant memory.
  15. Has Indiana even seen much of a drop in cases the past few weeks? Is all this gradual reopening in midwest states simply a result of political and public pressure and not an actual significant decline in cases? Here in KY, things are set to slowly reopen starting May 11th, but everyone must wear a face mask in public. Right now, face masks are not required in grocery stores or whatever else is open (Walmart, Lowe’s, etc). Seems kind of backwards to start mandating face masks two months after all this started. I think we’re entering a new stage where everyone is going to have to assess their own personal risks and do what they are comfortable doing without their being too many government restrictions in place. Many will still practice social distancing, some will not. But according to researchers, the virus will be with us another 18-24 months until enough herd immunity is built and / or a vaccine is available on a widespread basis. Going to be a “fun” and interesting ride for a while.