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  1. Those are only 6 hour intervals so it's really hard to tell, you'd need hourly intervals really. But if we start a 6 hour window at -4.6 and end it at 1.2 with 1" in between, probably most of that is snow
  2. Hard to tell, but it's close. Still would be a lot of snow before flip. Btw, here's your link to German: http://meteocentre.com/numerical-weather-prediction/forecast-systems.php?lang=en&mod=dwd_icon
  3. Gun to my head I think we do change over, but as Will said it's pretty close. I think we'll do fine either way, the front-ender means business
  4. I think we mix for a bit here but not before a huge front-end. As many have said, it would surprise me if last night's models weren't an overcorrection.
  5. This says UKIE takes it over the Cape... idk, this might not be a useful product but it's weird how much it disagrees with the SLP maps
  6. Glad to see we've reached the "Ray panicking over nothing" part of this storm
  7. I think you have to sell any model that doesn't have widespread 1"+ QPF in SNE. This will not be short on moisture.
  8. BGM has watches up for 12-18" across their whole CWA - OKX, ALB and BGM all seem too bullish to me this far out.
  9. NAM is probably way too far west but still a sick front-ender for most
  10. Morch Madness

    Model Mayhem VI

    All snow in BOS that run. Great look
  11. Morch Madness

    Model Mayhem VI

    Yeah it seems like there would quite a few big hits on the GEFS
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    Spring Banter & General Discussion/Observations

    Actually really intense in BOS right now