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  1. Nice write up , I'm looking with skeptical eyes at sat runs sun oz should be more telling IMO
  2. This is the part of the hobby I like tracking potential storms and watching patterns evolve sure I would like to snow but many many pieces have to fall into place .
  3. Agree with Redmk, if we don't get snow soon many will start the ...winter cancel etc etc ..guess patience is key ..
  4. Many people are "sour grapes" saying. This is a fake snow event ..hey may not stick around the same as a non lake effect event but heck it is an epic snow fall for those who got over 5-6 ft of snow ...
  5. Well since this is the banter thread, I was thinking I hope by December at some point pattern stays cold but we get all other ingredients needed for snow storm blocking etc etc ...I do recall many winters where we get bitter cold then warms up we get rain then a bit of wet snow at end of storm then bitter cold again then ..just before next system we end up on warm side of storm ,I shake my head saying other day was like 20 degrees and now we get rain storm ; that cycle would repeat storm after storm and if lucky would squeeze in a clipper system once in a while for a 1-3 inch event...I pray such a winter does not evolve ...but you just never know ...such is the hobby ..we have chosen ..let's forget I even thought such horrid ideas and let true winter snow begin sometime in December..
  6. Here in Riverdale/north Bx still rain brother in Fleetwood now told me still rain ...Fleetwood 15 mins from cross county Yonkers
  7. Always nice to see snow in the air can't wait until first real snowfall ...IMO .by December
  8. Ugh,; hope you are wrong I dread a pattern that sets up warm/wet then dry and cold what a waste of cold air if that happens. Well; in my eyes true winter weather tracking begins in December so let's see what transpires then .
  9. Well, all I can say is that "Watching models is fun" BUT...(IMO) at the end of the day for people at the coast/city I would not count on anything more than a few wet snow flakes. anything more a BONUS,,I look forward to the month of December by then "CLIMO" will be our on side (for the most part) and then all we have to worry about is storm track etc etc etc....
  10. Hello all ; this is my first post on this board I have been lurking for past few years ; finally decided to join ..anyhow my thoughts yes for the person like me snow anytime I would like to see but reality is by December we can truly watch models and climo will be on our side.which helps a great deal , until then I would be happy to see a few snow flurries.