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  1. I was sooooo close. So fan duel let’s you cash out early based on probabilities. Going into the half they were offering a cash out of $250. In the end I lost my $25 but all I needed was a pick six at the end to win. What an amazing game.
  2. I’m a weenie, my wife and I are tailgating at her parents indoors, heading to the game around 6.
  3. The last three games the lots have been pretty empty when we've walked in 2 hours to kickoff, should have no problem parking in the stadium lots. Only downside to stadium lots is getting out after. As far as warmth unless you're in the clubs there is no where to warm up, make sure to pack chemical warmers and mittens. I think your timing sounds right if you're not in the clubs. I would hang out at/in the car till maybe an hour before kickoff.
  4. Are you only doing area wide events? Cause Nov 2000 was epic for crippling dt Buffalo.
  5. The real question is what did you spend your $60 on? Downloading app now... I downloaded fan duel and bet $25 on the bills to win by 41 or more. I think McDermot hates Bellichik.
  6. I agree. The greenies are onto how bad salt is, its only a matter of time before its canceled. There was an article on one of the national outlets recently.
  7. At this rate itll become a cutoff low over hudson bay with some nice sw flow after our 2' of synoptic.
  8. If the kids are old enough hiking the gorge is one of coolest experiences in WNY. Head to Whirlpool park, the views from the top are breathtaking and there are stairs carved in stone to take you down to the whirlpool.
  9. Pretty sure if the bills lose people will be throwing themselves off the upper deck. Its going to look like the Matrix Resurrections
  10. Could change but there really isn't any snow there right now. They didn't get much and then the warmup melted what was left. The parks in the clarence/akron area have snow still, I took the dogs for a hike at Tillman Wildlife Preserve Sunday and there were XC skiers. We got a solid2-3" last night on top of what was left over from the lake effect.
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