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  1. Those two images are of the 06z GFS and 12z GFS.
  2. Anyone else feel that if this storm is actually real that it might be trending north to fast for southern areas like Atlanta showing to much warm air advection from the south?
  3. Guys! Merry Christmas! Might not feel like it outside but at least It seems Mother Nature has a New Years Resolution that we all might Love!
  4. should I even consider chasing tomorrow, isn't suppose to be mostly at night?
  5. or was it nw flow, anyways says it was a hybrid damming event, I do remember there being northwest flow. yes it was. I think
  6. that is what I did last feb, got 6 inches too. also did you get .1 inches last year?? your city did from that nw flow event
  7. o hell yeah me too man, don't worry about the flurries though lmao. If we don't score this year, honestly going to go insane.
  8. Hey guys, can we stop all the negativity about the pattern. I really think we are jumping for no reason. I mean this was too be expected with the warm first half of winter, and there are hints in the models of possible change.
  9. This is the most boring weather in my life. I am going to have to resort to admire to the Texas panhandle ice storm
  10. you usually have to wait until at least January anyways. It has been the patterns the last couple of years, it seems to be more backloaded. Last year we were just south of the line of demarcation, a little more latitude and you could of got 6 inches of snow.
  11. Guys, im not sure what is going on today but I arrived at school at 10:30 which is way earlier then I ever had arrived at school. I start seeing all these Hot girls that I have never seen before. my assumption was there is no good looking girls at my school. The first ten I saw, I was like that was unusual. Then, they just kept on appearing everywhere. I was like what is going on!? Man, I have been going to school at the wrong times. I am blown away from my Discovery.
  12. I think it showed more then one snow event last year, but not sure about its accuracy for other years. <32 for 25 days, yeah, I will believe when I see it.
  13. I have been reading posts on this forum for about two years now, and now I feel i have obtained enough knowledge to start posting. I am very glad to be apart of this forum
  14. could be a statistical outlier within snowfall events that skews the data
  15. November anomalies to end up warm like expected.
  16. idk why this doesn't have any replies yet, but this was an awesome read. You didn't really go into 77, you just went over 76?
  17. that is true about last winter but far northern suburbs and The mountains did see a major snow event.
  18. Nice wedge today! I really hope to see a lot of these this winter. I am so fascinated by this meteorological phenomenon